NebNewIsolatedVSM-107“The fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron, breaking in pieces and subduing all things,” declared Daniel (Ch. 2:40). These words describe the ruthlessness of Rome in its march to world power. Its legions triumphantly carried the flying eagle (the symbol of Roman power) in all directions. Gaul, Spain, Britain, Europe, Syria, Mesopotamia, Egypt, were all conquered in turn.

Under Augustus Caesar, the confines of the Empire were pushed to the Rhine, and at his death it covered an area 100 times greater than the original State.

Rome was never conquered by a foreign power; it deteriorated from within. And this is indicated in the amazing prophecy of Daniel. No longer does he speak of another universal empire taking over; he indicates that there will be four world powers, and then a division: first into two parts (the legs of the image), and then into many parts (the toes of the  image).

And time has completely vindicated the prophecy. In the fourth century A.D., the capital of the Roman Empire was transferred from the city of Rome to Constantinople in the east. Ultimately the Empire became divided into two parts: Eastern and Western Rome, answering to the two legs of iron, seen in the vision of Daniel 2.


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