Here is the third of a 16 part series given by Bro Ron Cowie at the Pacific Northwest School of the Prophets just a few days ago.

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The theme of the studies is “Keep That Which Is Committed To Thy Trust” – Meeting The Challenges Of The Last Days and is a comprehensive study on theistic evolution.

The talks will be released as we produced them, so keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates

The titles of the individual videos are as follows

Class 1 – The Unique Challenges of the Last Days
Class 2 – Post-Modernism and the Believer – Be Not Deceived
Class 3 – Theistic Evolution the Sad Compromise
Class 4 – Why We Believe What We Believe
Class 5 – Young or Old Earth
Class 6 – The Pioneers and the Watford Situation
Class 7 – Can Science and the Bible Coexist
Class 8 – Implications of Theistic Evolution
Class 9 – Stimulating Our Intellect
Class 10 – Where the Evolution Model Fails
Class 11 – Contending Earnestly For the Faith
Class 12 – The Creator Made Known By His Works
Class 13 – Is God a Moral Monster
Class 14 – The Philosophy of Simple Trust
Class 15 – Peace Be Still – Acts 27
Class 16 – Exhort – Created in Christ Jesus Unto Good Works

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I would not call those TE people above “brothers”.

The TE put great weight on peer reviewed scientific papers but like many things such as consensus science its a flawed methodology that is used because they don’t have anything better.

Peer review: a flawed process at the heart of science and journals by Richard Smith
Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine.

“So peer review is a flawed process, full of easily identified defects with little evidence that it works. Nevertheless, it is likely to remain central to science and journals because there is no obvious alternative, and scientists and editors have a continuing belief in peer review. How odd that science should be rooted in belief..”

Can you provide these videos more quickly. I have to wait for each one. Also is it possible to get the slides/presentations.

hi I am doing them as fast as i can…..
Kind regards

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