On 5th November 2015 while the English world was celebrating Guy Falks night  – Don Pearce (Rugby UK) was giving his final End Time Bible Prophecy Update for 2015.

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A fascinating year for all who follow Bible prophecy. By far the most significant thing to happen is that we have seen Russia enter the war on ISIS and become, almost, ‘the saviour’ of the middle East for most onlookers.

Don examines all of the key events of this year and puts it all into context in relation to End Time Prophecy and offers suggestions as to what we can expect to see in the remaining months of 2015 and early 2016.

In association with Bro Don Pearce (Rugby UK) 

Don Issues approx upto 3 ‘Snippets’ per week, so if you wish to keep up to date with world news in relation to Bible Prophecy you can do so by registering at [email protected] Just put in the subject line ‘Snippets Request’ state if you would prefer word doc or pdf format. It’s that easy!

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