Bible Truth & Prophecy | ENCOUNTERS: Personal testimony of Individual Preaching no:1
This page is dedicated to the encounters and personal testimony of individual preaching by Christadelphians the world over, 
 Just short examples of how to strike up a conversation of the truth we hold so dear.
 Individually, we all have a responsibility to Matthew 10:7 – And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Just before Christmas, after a very hot day (30dg) I picked up my sisterinlaw from the airport, and en route home, quite close to my house, I took her for a little tour of an enclave which we might refer to as “Millionaire’s town”. It is called Clearwater, and is bordered by one of our big braided rivers. 

Old shingle pits have been converted into lakes.. It was about 9pm as we slowly drove though the mansions and grandiose apartments, and saw the simply wonderful golden sunset gleaming across a lake – just magical. Near to the end of the road, children were running outdoors with a little dog, which suddenly went mad, rushing for my car, so I slowed down. 

A few minutes later, we turned to drive back, and a woman came out and stopped us. Oh dear, would we get told off for driving though Clearwater (or Millionaire’s town)!!  I stopped. She asked me to wait while they got a hold on the little dog who was in a mad frenzy.

I commented on the need to train dogs and that my grandson had just got a new dog in the last few days, and they were beginning training already. She agreed, and said she got the dog when her children were very small, and they didn’t think of training, but often wished they had done it. 

So we waited. “Oh” she said, “We have not long moved here from Sydney so are still getting used to things. We have just come back from Bible Class tonight.”  

Well, W E L L. She must have seen the interest on our faces, and then we said, “Well we go to Bible class too”.  She wanted to know where (but I generally skirt that we are Christadelphian initially). So I explained that my sisterinlaw attends a class in Wellington, and I have the choice of several in Christchurch. I said that we were a laity, so didn’t have a paid ministry. Instant rapport. 

“What translation do you use?” she wanted to know. We said generally the KJV, but often referred to other versions. She replied that she struggles with the KJV for the old language style. I suggested she try the NKJV and said I quite liked that one, but cautioned that some are not proper translations and care must be taken.

“Do you live near here?” she asked, so I explained I lived just outside Clearwater. and then she asked if we could get together sometime. Oh!!! My! I had a “Key to the Bible” card (for our website) in my bag, and took it out, wrote my name and phone number on the back.  I said I would be available half way through January.


If you wish to contribute to this effort you must be a Baptised Christadelphian and your encounters need to be in a digital format and you can submit them by email or by private message on facebook. They can be in various formats including Plain text, Word doc (either formatted or not), note pad or audio or video file etc.
Please include your name and ecclesia and other personal details but these will only be published if you indicate that is your if you prefer to remain anonymous to the reader – you can!

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