Bible Truth & Prophecy | A Critical Review of Fulfilled Prophecies of Last Hundred Years

This consideration refers to a study presented in TPL of August, 2003, under the title as stated: it will be noted that visible advances in The Plan as charted in this article may not have patently become apparent during the twelve year interval to 2015 since 2003.


But that does not mean that it has not actually advanced.

How has it done so?

Let us count some of the ways it has advanced:

         Today we view a world which is fractured and splintered beyond any degree which we earlier expected.

         We see rogue states advancing toward nuclear weapons capability (Iran, for example), and others who will follow if Iran achieves that status = such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt, who have so avowed themselves.

         We are experiencing an American administration which disdains Israel and its leadership, and which threatens to withhold its veto from any UN Security Council decision to partition present-day Israel into a Jewish and an Arab state, awarding Jerusalem to the Arabs of the PLO as the capital of its new state (another division of Jerusalem, post-1948, when Jordan retained possession of the Old City during the War of Independence of Israel, and held it for nineteen years).

         We see palpable fulfillment of the de facto disappearance of Iran and Syria into the new, powerful entity Islamic State (a.k.a., ISIS) which has vowed to absorb these two polities and replace them as a replication of Assyria of old and as an Islamic caliphate, thus clearly fulfilling the prophecy of Micah 5 and 7, which foretells that destiny (as well as its utter failure).

         We behold the fragmentation of Libya as it moves closer to its destiny as a confederate with the Gogian host of Ezekiel 37 and 38, as ISIS makes a strong move to take over that fractured society and draw it into the Outer Ring of enemies of Israel – a position that Libya did not hold under the administration of Mummar Ghadaffi, the former dictator of that country.

         We see the Islamicization of “Ethiopia,” the Kuwsh (Cush) of Ezekiel 37 and 38, a region now comprehended by portions of Ethiopia, Sudan and Eritrea, which is destined to contribute men and materiel to the Gogian effort to wipe out Israel.

         We realize that nearly 200 nations over the interim, have given their advance approval to the establishment of a “Palestinan” state within Israel, should that decision be made by the powers that be.

         We expect intense discussion within the next two weeks (IN September 2015)  of just such a proposal in the UN Security Council in New York, as the fall session of the UNO convenes.

         We expect the American administration of Barack Obama to withhold its veto of any such measure to establish a “Palestinian” state, contrary to its former position of opposition to that eventuality.

         We perceive, doubtless as a direct result of Obama’s decision to reject Israel and its security in favor of Iranian hegemony and supremacy, the abrupt downturn in American relevance upon the world stage and a remarkable decline in its regard among the nations. The one nation of the entire world which has consistently supported Israel and its fight for survival in these end-times has predictably turned its back on God’s people, thus invoking, in our opinion, the “curse” of the LORD as expressed in the covenant made to Abraham in Genesis 12:3, q.v.

         As further evidence of the decline of American status in the world resulting from its tacit decision to withhold its favor toward being Israel’s ally and friend, we have sensed a drastic reduction in that country’s influence with the other “powers that be,” such as Russia and China (and even North Korea), having been reduced to a cartoonish identity in many of their important decisions of state. In so noting, we are not claiming any “major position of the United States in Bible prophecy,” for it seems to have little or no stated scriptural importance. Instead, this seems to be a clear reflection of Israel’s descendance into its final status of apparent vulnerability to attack as a sparrow upon an house top (Psalm 102:7) – its end-time exposure to every sort of mundane danger from the nations round about, the position we have long expected Israel to attain just prior to the Second Coming of the LORD to “save My people” (Isaiah 11: 11-16; Amos 9: 14, 15) and to raise Israel to its premier position among the nations of the earth. Indeed, in so doing, we maintain that Israel shall have its present status wholly reversed by Him, and in the finality become the premier nation upon the earth as well as the only survivor of the named nations of the earth.

         The swiftly approaching end of the seventy years of “this generation” of Luke 21:32, which, as promised by the Master … shall not pass away till all be fulfilled. This time period began in our opinion in 1948 at that landmark date of the budding of the Fig Tree (Israel) and “all the trees” of Luke 21: 29 (the Islamic nations which. Along with the Jewish people, replenished the valley of the Euphrates which was “dried up” by the defeat of Ottoman Turkey – the last King of the North). This long-prophesied event began to be brought about in 1917-18 by the British forces under General Edmund Allenby and T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia). But the overt “budding” happened in May, 1948, when Israel became a nation among the nations of the earth. Seventy years from that date will terminate in April/May, 2017 – well under two years from our present time. Our assessment has been that this seventy year period is the last remaining stated period of a “generation” that remains as reasonable for those who were alive in 1947-48 (cf, Psalm 90:10, which specifies “threescore and ten years” to be a normal lifetime). In so recognizing this span of time, we take literally the word of our Master when He promised that THIS generation should not pass away – a position which we believe incumbent upon all persons of faith. His People have not much time to await the outcome – that is, whether this assessment is correct or not so. Our sincere desire is that those still alive on that anniversary in May 2017 shall have seen “all these things fulfilled” as promised by Him. In so assessing events to come, we humbly submit that these do not simply compass the Second Coming of Christ – the event for which we primarily look – but also many subsequent actions by our LORD and His immortalized Saints who accompany Him in His introduction to the world and to Israel, all of which have been discussed in recent articles posted on the eTPL web site.

         And finally, we believe we can now adequately comprehend the saying that men’s hearts shall “fail them for fear” of the things coming upon the earth – the Master’s statement of conditions just prior to His Second Coming in Luke 21 26. For several years we have thought our understanding of this saying could be comprehended; but now we have witnessed the incomprehensible magnitude of failure of human institutions to maintain order that has never been seen before. We therefore confess that we are doubtless IN THE TIME of this fulfillment of the Word of God to His people. We are thankful to be among the privileged few of all previous ages who actually have witnessed these impressive setbacks of human accomplishment, and now are able to set our hearts solely upon the “consolation of Israel” so faithfully expected and sought by the Prophet Simeon in Luke 2:25 – a principle which is well defined by the words of  the prophet in Isaiah 25:9 – And it shall be said in that day, Lo, this is our God (a legitimate Name of the returned Jesus as the Representative of His Father, YHVH, and inheritor of that Name); we have waited for Him, and He will save us: this is the LORD; we have waited for Him, we will be glad and rejoice in His salvation.


It is therefore with this necessary preamble that we present to readers again this graphic, comprehensive chart of these mostly extremely long-term prophetic fulfillments of the last century of history: a dramatic illustration of the omniscience and omnipotence of our heavenly Father, the Author and Finisher of our faith, and God and Father of our Lord, Jesus Christ, Who personally shall bring about the prophesied end result of all these wonderful events, the orderly fulfillment of which is adequately illustrated here in graphic form.

As was our suggestion on the occasion of its first publication, readers may wish to make a photocopy of this detailed chart and its footnotes and place them in your Bible for immediate reference as a certified list of fulfilled ancient prophecies which cannot be denied by any rational person. The evidence of fulfilled prophecy is one of the most powerful initiators of Bible discussions, and one of the most compelling levers toward convincing unbelievers of the verity of the Biblical record. Often such evidence has led to unbelievers becoming serious Believers of the Word, and their subsequent putting on “the name of Christ” in baptism.

Here is our earlier presentation, from the year 2003.



… and a few reasonable expectations for the future…

     1897                              1917-                                                                                    

 >—– |                                1918                                                                                        

>—–  |——————1——|                                                                                   

>—–  |——————2——|                                            

>—–  |——————3——|                                1947-       

>—–  |——————4——|                                1948     

>—–  |—————————- |————–5——–|                                                                                  





                                                                                                            1988              2003

















1897 – Date of First World Zionist Congress, Basle, Switzerland. (not a prophecy, but this is Israel’s 68th Jubilee year, According to chronology of  W. H. Carter, Times and Seasons.)                                               

1917 – 1918

1      “Times of the Gentiles” ends; (began 604 BC)

2      “Time, times and an half” (Daniel 12: 7); counted from middle of the 2,520 years [657 A. D.].

3      The “1260 days” (years! – Daniel 12:7); same period as (2)

4      Euphrates dries up; end of Ottoman Empire, last King of the North; this year was 1335 on the Muslim calendar!

1946 – 1947

5      Partition of Palestine (Nov 29/47) and Israel becomes a State (May 14, /48); same Heb. year

6      The Fig Tree blossoms as Israel becomes a certified State (Jesus prophesied Luke 21:29, 30)                                        

7      The “1290 days” (years! – Daniel 12: 11); 30 years added to the 1,260 in (2) above

8      69th Jubilee year of Israel (Carter, Ibid.)

9      “This generation” begins; words of Jesus in relation to blossoming of the Fig Tree

1967 June 7th

10   The Sanctuary Cycle of Daniel 8:14 ends– the “2300 evening-mornings,” which began spring, 334 BC. 

1987 – 1988

11   Second period of “seven times” of Daniel 4:23-25 ends (stump of tree banded w/ brass, iron), 70 years after the first period ended. The First Intifada begins in Israel (the people now attacked from within!)

1992 – 1993

12   The “1335 days” (years! – Daniel 12: 12) ends, after which Daniel to “stand in thy lot,” Kingdom imminent!

1995 – 1996

13   The 70th Jubilee of Israel, and the last! (Carter, Ibid.)

14   The beginning of the Seventh Millennium, according to Carter, Times and Seasons


15   The “time of the end” in progress; end unknown. Probably began in 657 AD, at midpoint of the 2520 year “Times of the Gentiles.” It was already in progress in Daniel 11:40 (1517 AD).


The only addition to this chart that seems reasonable at this time is this one:




16   The terminal year of the final “generation” of mortals who shall have witnessed the budding of the Fig Tree – the establishment of the State of Israel upon the territory of ancient Israel. This period represents SEVENTY years since that historical event, our present best estimate of the total number of years in “that generation.”



In the remaining months until that 70th anniversary – May 14, 2018 – there remain many seemingly necessary prophetic fulfillments until “all things be fulfilled,” as Jesus expressed it. It will, according to our expectations, be …

1.       The establishment of The Kingdom of Israel under the rulership of the LORD Jesus Christ as King over Israel, sitting upon the restored Throne of David in Mount Zion, and the initialization of all the complex operations of the establishment of the infrastructure of His physical Kingdom upon the earth.

2.      By that date we conjecture that His Kingdom shall have taken on the character of a permanent, divine, indestructible entity whose destiny is never to end, and one which is set to change the direction of the human race toward the overt recognition by the race of the God of heaven as Creator and ultimate King over mankind, and the creation of a realm of righteousness and peace which can never end.

3.      By that time, the covenanted People of all ages shall have been raised from the dead (and the living covenanted ones shall have been gathered before Him) for the Judgment of saints and the immortalization of all those approved by Him.

4.      These, in our view, shall have subsequently appeared upon the chaotic scene as Israel terminally confronts its age-old enemies in its proximate space of occupation, between the Nile and the Euphrates rivers, and between the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf, the set-apart lands of Abraham’s primary inheritance – his Land of Promise – and the subject Lands of the inheritance of his Seed, including the immortalized Saints Who shall at that time be co-regents in the realms of mankind (kings and priests with Him – Revelation 1:6 and 5:10).

These remain our expectations for the near term – the beginning of an interminable period of time which shall redound solely to His honor and glory. Our earnest prayer is: May each dedicated servant of our LORD in this day and in past ages be privileged to take part in that glorious realm of peace and righteousness.  

<HEL 9O> ~2400 words.  An eTPL exposition, published in “Other Items, 2015” on September 7, 2015

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