Why AM I HERE?Have you ever wondered why you are here?

Most thinking people have asked this question and wondered about the answer and the purpose of theirlife.
They ask this question because when they survey their life and look at how small a speck of time their life occupies they begin to wonder what the point of life is?

When we consider how short our life is and how much of it we spend doing things we don’t really want to do ie. working for a living instead of just enjoying ourselves and even more to the point doing something that will last over time.

Then we rightly ask “What is the point of all this?”

How many of your friends or family are dead already? 

What was the point of their life?

Is there anything lasting that still lives on?

If not then why not?

Surely this life is not just about sleeping, eating and working?

Man does not have the answer or answers to why we are here or for that matter the very existence of life as we see it all around us.

Why were you born? Is there a reason and a meaning for your life? Is your existence part of some greater divine plan?

So we ask again….

Why is the PURPOSE of MY LIFE?

Was mankind placed on earth by an all-wise Creator as part of a great Purpose, is there a MASTER PLAN?

Knowing the answer to this should be supremely important!

Think for a moment. What could be more important than for you to understand the very purpose for your life?Surely I can't be here just to GROW OLD and DIE?

Atheists refuse to know. Those who do not accept the existence of God certainly cannot accept that He has a Master Plan.

Cynics scoff at the possibility of knowing. They see the confusion and wide disagreement over this question and conclude it can never be answered.

Scientists cannot discover this question or provide any knowledge through laboratory analysis.

Honest astronomers, microbiologists and others acknowledge that God exists, but this alone does not reveal His Purpose for mankind.

Philosophers cannot discern it through meditation or discussion. Divinely revealed answers cannot be obtained by centuries of pondering questions.

Educators cannot teach what they themselves were never taught. Those who merely teach from books written by other men cannot teach what those books do not contain.

Astrologers like ancient soothsayers dazzle with tricks that reveal nothing of value. Do any reasonable people seriously think that such “business people” (those who sell fortunetelling as true understanding), supposedly in contact with the “dead” and the “spirit world” (actually demon spirits), hold the meaning of life?

Theologians offer humanly devised and crafted teachings that often carry no real evidence to support them. All religions profess to hold the answers to life’s questions, but most fall short of providing convincing evidence and often at best rely on telling us “it’s a mystery” which does not and cannot satisfy a truly genuinely enquiring mind.

Most people live their entire lives without a clue as to why they are here. They drift aimlessly, unconcerned about the answers to life’s greatest questions Why Life and Why Death? Others enjoy debating the meaning of life, but never arrive at the correct answers.

Many people are left to thinking that mankind is little more than a product of evolution, or in reality blind chance of just dumb luck!

So what do you think?

More importantly what do you want to do about it?

Ultimately it is up to YOU so what will you do about it?

We suggest you learn here of God’s True Purpose with You and this amazing World.

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