Where it all began, Two men Two missions One Goal #2 Bro Thomas Part 2

A Christadelphian Video: Two illustrated talks describing the public life and works of Dr John Thomas who found the Truth of the Bible message after exhaustive research and laid the foundations of the Christadelphian community. His energetic labours and vigorous Scripture talks and debates to explain and defend his newly discovered position are dealt with, as are the more personal details of his private and family life. The talks will be useful to those who wish to know about the history and development of the Christadelphians.

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Dr. Thomas : 1 — the natural course of my studies — the indifferency of my behaviour and discourse in matters of religion (neither violently defending one, nor with that common ardour and contention opposing another) — yet, in despite hereof, I dare without usurpation assume the honourable style of a Christian.

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