What the Damning UN Security Council resolutions against Israel really means…..
On December 23rd, a condemnatory motion toward Israel was tabled in the Security Council of the UNO in New York. Contrary to its usual practice, the United States abstained from voting on this resolution, causing it to pass by a vote of 14 (14 in favor, to one abstention – that of the USA). An abstaining move just says, in effect, we don’t really care about the outcome and will not reject it; abstention is essentially a “yes” vote in nearly every case.
It was a move that surprised hardly any knowledgeable observers of current history, this utter betrayal of America’s friend in the Middle East (and really, her only friend).
By omitting even a single stroke of a pen (a “No” vote), Barack Hussein Obama knifed Israel in the back as surely as some of the lone wolves of Hamas, running amok in Jerusalem, have done to individual Israelis in recent years.
The difference is that Israel will not die as a result of this grave injury.
As to the present state of world jurisprudence, this “knife attack” by Obama upon Israel has indeed done great legal harm to God’s people.
That is, it has done great harm if one respects and upholds the stolid diplomatic weight of the UN Security Council (UNSC).
We believe that the “authority” of the UNSC is overrated in many ways by its acolytes. But their admiration and support for it does have meaning on the public stage – and will hurt Israel palpably as events move forward into the future.
Indeed, among other atrocious provisions, it deprives Israelis of the right legally to worship at the Western Wall.
It restores all of the Old City absolutely to Arab control, including Temple Mount and the Jewish Quarter (occupied by Jews for well over 2,000 years!).
It delegitimizes all Israeli communities within what is known as “the West Bank” (Judea and Samaria, including Jerusalem).
The legal implications of this UNSC Resolution can only move the disputing parties closer to open hostility – a move that is never very far away from reality. And the ultimate winner has already been proclaimed in holy writ – Israel and its beloved People – hands down!
DebkaFile analysts have voiced that conclusion (of certain future warfare) in a dispatch which states that the “UNSC resolution promotes Mid East war,” in a report filed on December 24th.
It is reported to have stated that “The United States did not abandon Israel by its abstention from vetoing the UN Security Council resolution condemning settlements that was passed Friday, December 23, 2016 ….
The one who (did) abandon Israel was US President Barack Obama – and not for the first time.”
The article goes on to give these meaningful details:
“During his eight years in office, Obama let Israel down at least three times on issues that jeopardized its security ….
“One of the first consequences of his 2011 ‘Arab Spring’ initiative was the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak as Egyptian president, and his direct promotion of the Muslim Brotherhood’s takeover of power in Cairo.
“Four years later, Obama turned his back on Israel to award Iran favored status. Iran was allowed to retain the infrastructure of its military nuclear program as well as (to) continue to develop ballistic missiles, with the help of an infusion of $250 billion in US and European sanctions relief.
“In the latest UN Security Council resolution, Israel is reprimanded on the score that ‘all Israeli settlement activities in the Occupied (sic) Palestinian (sic) Territory, including East Jerusalem, are illegal under international law and constitute a major obstacle to the achievement of peace on the basis of the two-state solution.’”
This last act of defiance of Israel, and repudiation of Obama support for the Jewish State and its survival, may not be the last one. There are yet three weeks remaining of his term of office in which he can do further harm. We intend to observe these closely and knowledgably.
Our considered opinion is that Obama shall try to do further harm to Israel in his last days in office. You see, he, and the entire Democratic Party, had believed firmly that Hillary Clinton would be elected president and would be instrumental in continuing Obama’s “legacy,” dubious as that may appear.
But now, with critically little time remaining, Obama has had to make adjustments to his conduct and to try to cram all his personal animosity for Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel itself into his final few weeks in office.
After that time, he probably realizes that he will not be at the forefront of the news (don’t trust in that probability!) and thus will not be held accountable for his vile actions against the loyal US ally in the Mid East, Israel.
This analyst realizes full well that Barack Obama was placed in the office of president of the United States for some distinctive purpose by the election of the LORD God Almighty (cf., Daniel 4: 17).
Whether or not we mortals are able to determine that reason is a moot point. But, given the gravity of – and the long-term effect of – this abstention on December 23rd, might this not be a candidate for thinking it to be of that level of importance?
Think of it! This was the first time the US had allowed an anti-Israel motion to be passed by abstaining from voting.
Most objective observers (conservatives!) see this as a parting shot against Israel by President Obama to cap his acrimonious relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.
Why was the abstention important?
It gained prime resonance because of the details which were allowed to pass into the legislation of the UNSC (Resolution 2334) – be that of however much importance one thinks.
The resolution stated that “Israel must immediately and completely cease all settlement (sic) activities in the occupied (sic) Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem ….” And not only that, the wording reaffirmed for a second time that “all Israeli settlement (sic) activities in the occupied (sic) Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem, are illegal under international law, and constitute a major obstacle to the achievement of peace on the basis of the two-state solution.”
And even more egregiously, Debka has reported that a senior official in Jerusalem accused President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry of secretly conniving with the Palestinians to cook up an extreme anti-Israel resolution behind Israel’s back – one “that would provide a tailwind for terror and boycotts.”
This latter accusation is said to be supported by reliable Israeli intelligence sources, but that the information will not be shared with the current White House … instead, that the principals in Israel will readily share it with Mr. Trump when he becomes president on January 20th.
The Israelis are sensibly by-passing the authority (and even the disdainful presence!) of Obama, relegating him to “the dustbin of history,” asserting that they will only deal with honest brokers in future!
They are declaring their feelings of “good riddance” as to Barack Obama and his Secretary of State, John Kerry, whose 74-minute rant before the State Department on Wednesday, reinforced only the past, failed initiative of the last eight years, all of which honed in pointedly on a “two-state solution” to the Israeli-Arab dispute.
It is a “solution” which is NOT recognized by YHVH, the God of Israel, and is so stated through His Prophet Joel, in 3:2 – a statement of YHVH from ancient time, which has never been abrogated or changed.
Previous “dividers” have been Great Britain (1922) and the United Nations Organization (1947).
Both have suffered greatly for their trouble – and for their insensitivity to the will of the Almighty God.
The present initiative, against which the veto power of the US has not been exerted, would seek the same ends – division of God’s Land.
Like the others, this initiative shall fail in the end, resulting in a glorious time when Zion is elevated above the hills, and a Great King occupies the Throne of David which shall be erected in that holy hill, in that Seat of the First Dominion of the Kingdom of God on the earth!
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