Walking With Jesus Christ: The Bible as Your Guide Seminar Series - 23 Videos

“We are excited to share a new video series, called “Walking with Jesus Christ: The Bible as Your Guide.” During this Coronavirus pandemic, you may be somewhat reflective about your life priorities and interactions with loved ones.  Many men and women are thinking more about their relationship with God.  Some find themselves genuinely looking for answers to life’s challenges, which they are not finding in the world they live in. These classes take us back to the Bible to see how there are real, tangible answers to the challenges we are facing in modern times.  This six-part series provides Bible-based instruction on Interpersonal RelationsThe Use of MoneyMarriage and FamilyOvercoming Stress and AnxietyCitizenship and Having a Future Focus. Each class is designed to provide you with a useful overview on these topics, even if you are not highly familiar with the Bible. We will see how walking with Jesus Christ is the only avenue to true peace and purpose in our lives.”

The series is set out in the following way..

Introduction (7min)

2 Interpersonal relationships – 3 talks

Description: How well we get on with other people has a big effect on our lives. Principles taught by Jesus can help us to do it better; learn how to resolve conflict through forgiveness; and teach us practical skills we can use to establish good relationships

3 Use of Money – 5 talks

Description: Our Heavenly Father ensures that we receive sufficient income to meet our needs and be generous with what we have. Personal happiness does not come from multiplying our possessions or having a lot of money. Rather, be rich toward God and our reward will last forever.

4 Family Life – 3 talks

Description: Our Creator gave us marriage and family life for the development of sympathetic love, mutual encouragement, good habits and spiritual growth in our lives. In the family home, the Bible can show us how to be faithful parents with godly children, all willing to work together.

5 Stress and Anxiety – 3 talks –

Description: Contentment in life comes when we depend on God. Stress is best managed when we trust Him and through prayer we and developing patience. Some Bible characters experienced mixed emotions during their lives and are examples to us.

6 Citizenship – 4 talks

Description:  The Bible gives us plenty of advice about how to live our lives in the world of today. This series of four short talks covers living in the world when our Kingdom is not of this world. It covers contracts and workplace behaviour, how to treat other people and what to do when man’s laws conflict with God’s laws.

7 Future Focus

Description:  We walk in the way of Christ, with our focus on the great purpose of God who desires to have the world reflect His goodness and character. For this reason, we are created in God’s image so we can grow together as a family and share in the great promises made to the people of God. When the world has righteous government, then people can be assured of stability and peace. We can only walk with Christ if we read the Word of God, and absorb its message.

Episode #2

Episode #3

Episode #4

Episode #5

Episode #6

Episode #7

Episode #8

Episode #9

Episode #10

Episode #11

Episode #12

Episode #13

Episode #14

Episode #15

Episode #16

Episode #17

Episode #18

Episode #19

Episode #20

Episode #21


Episode #22

Episode #23

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