Bill Yake –
Class title: The Book of Hosea: An Amazing Love Story

“This series of classes will examine “The Book of Hosea: An Amazing Love Story” which will touch each of us in a deeply personal way. Even though it is an sobering account where harsh judgment is pronounced, the biblical account illuminates the wonderful aspects of a deeply divine love and grace in the face of pervasive immorality and idolatry. Hosea demonstrates his love for his wayward and unfaithful spouse Gomer; God demonstrates his unfailing love for His wayward and unfaithful people Israel. This timeless message shows us a door of hope and the amazing grace of God which can redeem each of us from the sin which so easily entangles us in this modern age.”

Christian Russell – California
Class title: The Journey of the Man of Godunnamed.

“This class will be a look at the spiritual journey we are on, the key stages of phases of that journey, and what can be learned and applied from a practical perspective. There are two key elements: (1) drawing from the life journeys of Elijah and Elisha, and the works through the common stages of the journey; (2) looking at the life journey of Jesus as described by the gospels and, again, what can be learned and applied – particularly from the book of John.”

Matthew Blewett – South Africa
Class title: Meditations in Revelation

The book of Revelation contains the final words of Jesus, in the Bible, for his followers. As such, it is intended as a letter of encouragement, wisdom and warning from the captain of our salvation. In this series, we will take a different approach to Revelation encouraging the practice of meditating on the many insights for daily living contained in its pages. Far from being bogged down by complex symbols, interpretations and prophetic chronologies our intention will be to open up this book as a source of inspiration for disciples in the 21st century.

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