The Three Romes - 2 Video


Young Persons Prophecy Study Day (YPPSD)

The Three Romes

Symbols of the Past

A Christadelphian Video: A talk that shows the Biblical significance of why Rome split into two: East and West. This session focuses on the Western Powers of Rome and its development throughout history. It also discusses how the book of Revelation uses various symbols to show these different phases and how it leads to the importance of where Western Rome is today.

Signs of the Future

A Christadelphian Video: This session focuses on the Eastern Roman Empire and why it needs to be reunited to Western Europe: for the two feet of Nebuchadnezzar’s image to stand up. When it does, this will herald the return of Christ where the image will come to its end.


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The three Rome’s :Session 1symbols of the past The young Man is a false prophet ! In Rev.12:5 the woman did NOT produce the seed of the serpent ! Read Rev.12:5 references! The Man Child is Christ destined to rule all nations .HE was caught up unto GOD ,and to His throne into heaven ! Ps.2:7-9 Rev19:15 Acts.1:9 7:55

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