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Study 1… Why Were Simeon & Levi Blessed Together?

Part of our ‘Three strange stories’ collection – this first one presented at the BFSD in 2019 deals with the curious case surrounding the blessing together of Simeon And Levi –
The study reveals some fascinating insight into the hidden gems of the scriptures..

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Study 2… Why Were The Bones Of Joseph Buried At Shechem?

Strange Stories from the Bible: Some passages in scripture can at first seem puzzling, but with a careful, prayerful study of the word comparing scripture with scripture one can usually provide a clear explanation to the passage in question, _ this study is one of those examples! Why did Joseph instruct that his bones be taken out of Egypt? The answer will amaze you – follow the golden thread found in this study and be amazed at the wonderful faith of Joseph and his Father Jacob(Israel)

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Study 3… How And Why Was Enoch Translated?

Another Strange Story – How many people down the centuries have pondered this thought and how many have provided a scriptural response that explains the passage? – we suggest not many since many of the translations of the bible still maintain that Enoch did not see death – this reasoning is clearly against sound Bible teaching.
So what is the answer? Watch this video and learn how to correctly divide the word of God and come to a clear and scriptural understanding of what happened to faithful Enoch.

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