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There is no future antichrist. How do we know?
There are 5 occurrences of the word anti-christ. First, the word in the Greek means “in the place of Christ”, so it is someone/power who claims to be Christ.

There are 5 Bible quotations that mention this word, mainly in the Epistle of John. Note 1 John 2:18 – anti-christs – those claiming to come in the Name of Christ – were already trying to get attention. The key ante-christ however, is identified by a particular doctrine: 1 John 4:2,3. This doctrine says that Jesus Christ did not come in the flesh. They teach that Jesus Christ is God. Jesus Christ was born of Mary, though God was his Father. This is clear from Luke 1. In the 4th century, there was a dispute over the nature of Christ… the trinity “was born” – that there were 3 Gods who were also one God…. The word trinity does not occur in the Bible. Jesus Christ himself confirmed the belief in ONE God (Mark 12:29-31).

When the Pope became ruler of the 3 terrorities (later known as the Papal States ) in central Italy, he had a crown made with 3 tiaras.. and on the crown were the words in Latin “Vicar of the Son of God”.  In Latin, the word “vicar” means “in the place of”. It is the equivalent word to the Greek ‘ante’.

The Pope has claimed privileges of a Lord (2 Thessalonians 2) contrary to the the Apostle Peter’s advice (1 Peter 5).

All the reformers were clear that the Papacy was the ante-christ, part of the Roman beast who persecuted and put the saints (the true believers) to death (Revelation 13:7) and after the time the Pope lost his political power in the 19th century, the Catholic Church was depicted as a harlot woman (Revelation 17) who rides the Roman European beast, and will challenge the rule of the Lamb (Christ) when he is enthroned in Jerusalem).

The terrible thing is that most Protestant churches have now adopted the future anti-christ theory. Why?? Because the Catholic Church had to think of an answer to the obvious prophecies in Revelation referring to the false church, who was “drunk with the blood of the saints” Rev 17 and wealthy (Revelation 18 – note it trades in the souls of men, v13 – only Rome does this). The Church came up with the theory that the book of Revelation was all future – and would be fulfilled 3.5 years before Christ came!!!

When Christ comes, he rules the world from Mt Zion – Zech 14:9; Isaiah 2:2-4. But the church says anti-christ will try and rule the world from Jerusalem…. Well, then Psalm 2 will be fulfilled…. the kings of the European earth will make war with the King who God has set on the holy hill of Zion.

We are careful to read all the prophecies, and line them up with each other to get the full picture. So we would see every occasion where the word “antichrist” is used and take the teaching about it.

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4 quotations not 5, correct?
Text says 4 , speaker says 4. Concordance says 4.
Thank you.

4 or 5 occurrences?
Text says 5, speaker and concordance say 4.

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