Bible Truth & Prophecy | The Year 2017 Or “The year of Commemorations”

The Year 2017 – Or “The year of Commemorations”

1517       31 October

Martin Luther nails his 95 Theses to the Church Door in Wittenburg to announce his university debate. They are distributed throughout northern Germany within 14 days.

1847       John Thomas makes his Confession, Abjuration and Declaration and is baptised

1897       29-31 August

The first Zionist Congress in Basle, Switzerland is convened by Theodore Herzl

1917       2 November    The Balfour Declaration

9 December     Jerusalem surrenders to the British

1947       29 November  The United Nations votes for the formation of the State of Israel

1967       7 June              Jerusalem is captured during the Six Day War.

In this year of our Lord, 2017, there are a series of notable dates each which opens the way to the preparation for the Kingdom of God.

1967 Jerusalem reclaimed

On 15 May in 1967, Egyptian troops moved into Sinai and three days later, Syria moved its military along the Golan Heights in the north. On 18 May President Nasser of Egypt ordered the UN forces to leave and closed the Straits of Tiran to Israel, cutting off Israel’s only supply route with Asia.


With three armies to deal with, Israel made a pre-emptive strike, making lightning strikes on the air force of Egypt. In two hours they had destroyed 300 Egyptian aircraft while the pilots breakfasted. Then on 5 June, Jordan began to shell the old city of Jerusalem. Jerusalem was captured on 7 June after desperate fighting. In dramatic moves, they encircled the city, and entered by the east gate (Lions or St Stephen’s Gate) and made for the ancient Western Wall. Jordan had prevented any Jews accessing the city from the time they took control of it in 1948, the War of Independence.


So the Jews took possession of their ancient capital after nearly two thousand years. The words of the Lord were thus remarkably fulfilled: “Jerusalem shall be down trodden of the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.”[1] This was also the fulfilment of an ancient prophecy of Daniel that “the sanctuary and the host would be trodden under foot” for “two thousand and three hundred days and then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.”[2]  Two thousand three hundred years from the Battle of Granicus[3] when the “he goat” won the battle against “the ram” computes to 1967.[4]


Once within the old city, soldiers made for the Western Wall of the ancient Temple platform. Then the sound of the shoffar told everyone that a Rabbi was at the Wall, and ignoring snipers, soldiers ran for the Wall.


The 1967 war extended the borders eastwards to the River Jordan, and southwards into the Sinai Peninsula. The 1967 war became known as the Six Day War. Analysed later by the Royal Military Academy of Sandhurst, UK, the Six Day War is regarded as the most remarkable, brilliantly executed war in all of history.


[1] Luke 21:24

[2] Daniel 8:13,14

[3] 334BC

[4] Alexander the Great triumphed over Persia

Sis Beulah Edwards

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