Bible Truth & Prophecy | The Visible Finger of God -4 pt Study J.Bowen (Follow link to watch.)

This is a study series given by Jonathan Bowen at the Moorestown ecclesia in New Jersey Oct 2015.
Dealing with current events Jonathan sets out how to show how all these things that are now building up in the middle east are in fact fulfillments of Bible Prophecy and are all part of Gods plan for this Earth and mankind upon it.

As Russia strengthens in military powers in the Middle East, one may wonder what is coming next. Watch this free presentation and see what bible prophecy says about these current events unfolding right before our eyes and where they will lead.


1: ISLAM In The Purpose Of God.Class #1 - Islam in the Purpose of God.001

2: The Euphrates: Overflowing and dried up.Class #2 - The Euphrates - Overflowing and Dried Up.001

3: The 6th Vial – The drying Up of the EuphratesClass #3 - The 6th Vial - The Drying up of the Euphrates copy.001

4: The Role Of The ARABS In The KingdomClass 4 - The Role of the Arabs in the Kingdom.001

Given on Saturday, October 10th at 7:30 pm.
Moorestown Christadelphian Hall
101 N. Lenola Road
Moorestown, NJ

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