Bible Truth & Prophecy | The Resurrection of Jesus Christ Fact or Fiction 1Cor 15 v1:26

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ from the death is a fact, supported by historians and eye-witnesses. The future hope of the world, the kingdom of God on earth is conditional on Jesus’ resurrection giving all the hope the future

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Brethren, the major problem is that ( ‘Christian’ people’) do not question the ‘3 Days, 3 Nights’.
Pointing out that Good Friday to the early morning of Sunday DOES NOT MAKE SENSE, will present a challenge!
Using the evening and the morning (as in Israel) and including the (sabbath / High Day) before the ACTUAL Sabbath, it accords with what scripture says. (I can supply FULL details of how this works out, if interested).
Surely making interested people SEE WHERE things start to going wrong, is maybe, a different and more positive approach?
What greatly concerns me, is the constant use of ‘the cross’ in a lot of Christadelphian articles. What is the mark on the foreheads of the members of ‘The Mother of Harlots’ in the Apocalypse?
I like a lot of articles that are produced, but always ‘dread’ coming across false doctrine.
The children’s understanding and future is at stake as well!
I hope this is taken as a constructive comment.
Love in ‘the Hope of Israel’, Ivor Thomas

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