The word rapture is not in the Bible.
The word for “caught away” – (caught up as in 1 Thess 4 is totally wrong)… means seized, grabbed… and is used in Acts 8:39, to describe what we could all “travel by the Holy Spirit”. Philip wasn’t taken to heaven, he was quickly moved from one place to another.

When the Lord returns we are to be caught away in clouds (symbolic of a crowd of people, see Heb 12:1) and judged in a secluded place… then we will go with the Lord into Egypt to save them from the cruel Lord, and convert them (Isaiah 19), and progress up as did Israel through the wilderness (Psalm 68) to Mt of Olives… where a great earthquake will be activated. Note in Zech 14:5 “The Lord my God shall come and all the saints with thee…” The Lord will be king over the EARTH. Zech 14:9. The Lord shall have his law go out from Zion, – Isaiah 2:2-4.


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