Genesis 3:15

God did not leave Adam and Eve without hope of ever escaping the position they had put themselves into.  In this verse, he made a remarkable promise concerning Eve.  Three key ideas in this verse:

        Two parties would be involved:

  •          There would be enmity between them
  •          The conflict will finally be resolved

This verse shows that there are two classes of people;  the woman and her “seed”, and the serpent and his “seed”.  The woman represents those of the way of the truth (because she spoke the truth), and the serpent represents those who challenge God’s way. “I will put enmity” – God puts division between the two groups to prevent the corruption of the true seed. The thinking which opposes God cannot be converted.  It must be put to death.  (Romans 8:7)

The enmity would be a ‘battle to the death’ as it were.  The woman’s descendant would receive a temporary wound from the serpent’s descendant (wound in the heel), but ultimately, the serpent would be wounded fatally in the head.   God will not allow sin to triumph for ever!


The singular personal pronoun “his” shows that, finally, one descended from the woman would become the saviour.  Jesus was literally the seed of the woman, not of the man, for God was his Father.  The conflict was resolved in the life (and death) of Jesus.  By perfectly obeying God, Jesus Christ refused to come under the influence of sin (Hebrews 2:14; 5:7-9; Revelation 3:21) or to follow self-will (Luke 22;42).  Though temporarily wounded by death (the effect of sin, Romans 8:3), ultimately, he would destroy sin and death for ever. (Revelation 1:18)

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