Bible Truth & Prophecy | The King’s Manifesto for Life: 6 Part Video Bible Study

This series of studies is based upon Matt 5-7 and was first given at the Sarasota Ecclesia in The USA. Previously unseen, this series deals with the manifesto of Christ and how we should prepare to meet our Lord and in the day of his appearing.

the titles are as follows..

1: Study 1 – Portrait of a citizen of Zion

2: Study 2 – The law of the heart

3: Study 3 – The law of love

4: Study 4 – The secret and the manifest

5: Study 5 – Seeking first the Kingdom of God

6: Study 6 – The wise build on the rock

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( Click the image to play from the first study or select a different study by clicking the top left of the image and choosing from the dropdown)

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* Click verse text to see cross references.
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