Isaiah 43:10 speaks of the Jews being a witness to GOD’s existence. Against all odds this race of people have survived. The Bible the Jews are His Chosen People and reveals His further plans for them.

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Thank you!

In the spirit of Eph 4:13:

Question: what Abraham Jewish? Was Isaac Jewish? Was Jacob Jewish? What about Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh? How many tribes of the entire nation of Israel were Jewish?

Answer: *only* Judah.

Think of the implications. Lumping ALL of Israel into “Jewish” is not a Biblical fact.

Lev 26 was given to *all* Israel.

Jer 30: reread the chapter and who it is addressed to: v4 “Israel and Judah” (because “the Jews” were only the Southern Kingdom, Judah. Israel was *not* Jewish – and the Bible *explicitly* delineates between the two).

Jer 46: Jacob was not Jewish. Nor was Joseph, e.g. Gen 39:17. They were, explicitly in the Bible, Hebrews.

again, *only* Judah is Jewish. “jew” is short for “Judah”. No other tribe is called “jew” nor “Judah” anywhere in the bible. In fact, it is quite the opposite: they are, explicitly, called Israel. And, Judah is called just that, Judah.

Therefore, it is ALL of Israel to which the bible references you make apply, not only Judah. Nor, is “Judah” inclusive of “Israel” in those contexts.

Food for thought?

I do love your sites, readings and mail-outs. God bless.

Ben Gillis

Lastly, please re-read Romans discussion explicitly in the context of physical lineage.

Fact: there are no chosen people based on physical lineage.

There are still covenants in place today based on that, e.g.

– the Jews are still identified today due to the promise of identity in the Sabbath Covenant. (And, this is why the rest of Israel lost their identity).

– the birthright covenant is still applicable, unconditionally, to Joseph, and doubled in Ephraim and Manasseh.

– the Jews are still going to be gathered in Jerusalem and Jesus Christ will reign in Jerusalem, the sceptar shall not depart from Judah.

But, those are different contexts than a “chose race of people”. There is no such thing and scripture, explicitly, demonstrates that from Genesis (the birthright went with Ephraim and Manasseh who were half Egyptian), Old Covenant commandments that any stranger may join Israel who keeps the covenant (a prototype of the fact Gentiles would be offered the New Covenant), to the fact David and Jesus Christ’s lineage included those in Bible stories who were not Israelites, and more.

Romans is explicit, as well as scripture, but Romans contains an explicit discussion on the theme of a chose people: there are none ***according to the flesh***. Fact.

Even the Jews-of-Jews, the Pharisees, were told they had no special place AND they were *not* sons of Abraham.


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