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It is a while since I have sent out a broadcast email on the signs of the times. This is not because there has been a scarcity of highly significant developments in fulfilling Bible prophecy, but rather a lack of adequate opportunity to address the overwhelming rush of evident angelic activity among the nations. Having delivered a number of talks on the current tour of ecclesias in North America on the events of 2018, I could not resist the opportunity to pass on an article forwarded by Bro. Ron McPhee in Virginia relating to the Arab nations who sought to destroy Israel for seven decades, but are now seeking to make Israel an ally.
The author of the attached article clearly knows nothing about Bible prophecy but writes a well reasoned essay on developments in the Arab world that led to the Arab Spring of 2011, and in his view, will lead to another uprising in the near future. What the author does not know is that Bible prophecy requires the former enemies of Israel to be close allies at the time of the Gogian invasion of the Land and to be the first to object to it – Ezek. 38:13. Saudi Arabia as the leader of the Sunni Muslim world has emerged as the principal antagonist to Shiite Iran and knows there will inevitably be a conflict between the Sunni and Shia nations. The Crown prince of Saudi Arabia who was formerly the Defence Minister knows that Saudi Arabia and its partners cannot defeat Iran without the support of Israel. Hence, since 2017 Saudi Arabia and its partners in the Middle East have completely changed their attitude towards Israel and are assiduously cultivating ties and building a strategic partnership with their former enemy. This includes agreeing to ‘the deal of the century’ being hatched by Donald Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner to replace the now largely defunct plan to establish a Palestinian state in the West bank with East Jerusalem as its capital with a plan to establish that state in the Gaza Strip with additional land provided in northern Sinai by a willing and struggling Egypt – exactly what is required by Joel 3:4 and Zeph. 2:4-7.
Bible prophecy requires Israel to be at peace internally at the time of Armageddon and also with its immediate neighbours (at least) – Ezek. 38:8-12; and to be so prosperous that they are envied by other nations (including Russia and its allies); and to be supported by the objection of Sheba (Yemen) and Dedan (Saudi Arabia, Oman, and the Gulf States) when Gog invades the Land – Ezek. 38:13.
What the author of the article does not know is that the angels are at work to bring to pass these things. Many nations in the Middle East are becoming increasingly dependent on Israel for a variety of things. Binyamin Netanyahu has made this point in two recent addresses to the United Nations Assembly, boasting about Israel’s economic prosperity and brilliance in the technological sphere. This article shows (without mentioning it) why the Arab nations are now looking to Israel for support and as a model for success. This is an astonishing turn of events considering the history of the nation of Israel since 1948 visa-vis its Arab neighbours. God is clearly at work in these events and we should take courage that the day we are waiting for is at hand.
In expectation of the appearance of Israel’s King.

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The Next Arab Uprising

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