The Gospel Online:#2: Why Believe in God? ‘The Balanced Universe’

Why believe in God? Why believe in Jesus? Why believe the Bible?

A new series of short presentations entitled ‘Why believe?’ will answer these questions.
The presenters, who have often spent a lifetime studying the subject, will give the evidence behind the facts.
A synopsis of what’s on offer can be found on the panel discussion between some of the presenters entitled…
Why Believe? Discussion’ and introduces the 1st Video in the series.
The full list of videos in the series is as follows..

Introduction video: panel discussion.

#1 Why Believe in God – The Uncreated Creator
#2 Why Believe in God – The Balanced Universe
#3 Why Believe in God – The Origin of Live
#4 Why Believe in Jesus Christ – References outside the Gospels
#5 Why Believe in Jesus Christ – The uninventable Jesus
#6 Why Believe in Jesus Christ – The resurrection
#7 Why Believe the Gospels – Archaeology
#8 Why Believe the Gospels – Undesigned Coincidences
#9 Why Believe the Gospels – Manuscript Evidence​
#10 Why Believe the Bible – Unity and Consistency
#11 Why Believe the Bible – Fulfilled Prophecy
#12 Why Believe the Bible – The Witness of Jesus

Join us as we embark on this new series of internet-based information videos designed to answer the questions.
Why believe in God? Why believe in Jesus? Why believe in the Bible?

1: Introducing the Gospel: This, the first in this series of webinars, led by Karam, who addresses the question… What is the Gospel? You may have heard the name ‘Gospel’ but do you know what the Gospel is or even what it means? Click image to watch the video and find out.

A Christadelphian Video: #2 Why Believe in God? ‘The Balanced Universe’

r A Christadelphian Video: This is a short webinar exploring reasons to believe in God. The universe allows life to exist. If the laws of nature or the physical constants that control the way the universe works were different by an almost incredibly tiny amount, life would be impossible. This fact indicates that the universe was brought into existence by a creator whose purpose included the existence of living beings.

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