Description: Who was the first gardener recorded in the Bible?  Come start your walk in the garden of Eden in Genesis finishing in that restored garden in the book of Revelation.  What can see emulating from God’s purpose and how it relates to a garden? This 6 part meditational study reveals compelling relationships between the positive and negative aspects of creation; like thorns, dew, fruit and trees.  We finish with the last recorded word in the Bible – we learn why it is most commonly used in Revelation and to encapsulate and summarize our prayers. Amen. 

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Comments: Video 1 – At time 6:28 the slide header at the top says inclosed; this should read enclosed. At time 7:35 the Hebrew word 8104 is mis-spelled on the slide as shimmer versus shamar.


To accompany this series of studies Bro Dan and his fellow workers have produced 15 spiritual songs. These songs have been carefully and respectfully produced to enhance the meditation aspect and contemplation of the series theme ‘ The Garden of the Lord’

1: The Garden Of the Lord

2: Beyond where Kedron’s waters flow

3: Gethsemane

4: Come away with me

5: I will greatly rejoice

6: Thorns

7: The Dew

8: Behold how good a thing it is….

9: I cannot count the gifts

10: Soil – The Parable of the Sower

11: Blessed are they

12: The Tree of Life

13: The Vinyard of Yahweh

14: Lord of the Harvest

Listen to more spiritual songs here

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* Click verse text to see cross references.
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