A study class centred on the book of Romans – given in a relaxed atmosphere in a home environment the scriptures are commented upon and much edification offered.

The Next class is on 2nd November –  dealing with chapter 5

When the gospel was preached to the Roman world, believers had to come to terms with their traditional pagan religion and this new belief.
God gives freewill, but requires people to develop faith. Faith comes only by hearing His word.
The speaker carefully compares many other quotations to amplify the full meaning of this Epistle to the Romans.
The first of 16 classes
This talk continues to give real insight into God’s teaching. If we know God’s ways and ignore them, we are in a precarious position.
A patient diligence is needed if we are to serve God. There were issues between Jews and Gentiles. Having received God’s law before the Gentiles, the Jews could boast in God.
But a true Jew is one whose heart is right before God and who does not elevate himself.

The Jews to whom the Word of God was first entrusted, could easily feel superior to their Gentile brethren. However, Paul demonstrates from the Scripture, that all are under the dominion of sin and fall short of God’s glory. However, through faith, we can stand together in hope of God’s glory. Careful reference to the many Hebrew Scriptures amplifies this important subject.

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