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Hosea’s experience of an unfaithful wife becomes the model of God’s patience and forgiveness over His unfaithful people. Despite the moral and spiritual degeneracy of Israel, the lesson of the book portrays the wonder of God’s willingness to forgive, and shows the teaching of the triumph of grace over law. The connection of God with Israel is not transactional; it is about relationships. God works with His people, and with us to bring about His forgiveness that His ultimate purpose might be accomplished.

“This series of classes will examine “The Book of Hosea: An Amazing Love Story” which will touch each of us in a deeply personal way. Even though it is an sobering account where harsh judgment is pronounced, the biblical account illuminates the wonderful aspects of a deeply divine love and grace in the face of pervasive immorality and idolatry. Hosea demonstrates his love for his wayward and unfaithful spouse Gomer; God demonstrates his unfailing love for His wayward and unfaithful people Israel. This timeless message shows us a door of hope and the amazing grace of God which can redeem each of us from the sin which so easily entangles us in this modern age.”

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