Description: Joy is an emotion involving happiness or delight, acquired by expectation of something great and wonderful. Happiness is tied to circumstances, Joy is not. Joy is a permanent possession, happiness is passing. Happiness happens but joy abides, a gift from God. Jesus was full of joy despite the prospect of the cross which loomed before him.Total joy will come at the time when our Lord Jesus returns to set up the Kingdom and the earth is full of the glory of God.

Description: Scriptural love is love at the highest level. Like a father disciplining his child to make him or her a better person who will grow up respecting the law. The first time love is mentioned in scripture is in relation to sacrifice – the intended sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham, the son whom he loved. God showed His love for us by giving His son as our representative, to put sin to death. God’s love is conditional on us wanting to walk in His ways. He wants us to follow Him instead of being self-centred. Greater love has no man than this that he lay down his life for his friends.

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