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Description: We live in exciting times, God fulfilling prophecy before our eyes! Ezekiel is one of the longest books in the Bible containing a range of prophecies, some fulfilled and some not fulfilled. Ezekiel 38 tells us about two opposing confederacies of nations, Gog, and Magog to the north and Sheba, Dedan and Tarshish to the south, coming together on the mountains of Israel. This is yet to be fulfilled!

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Many of us would like to see some discussion of Obadiah, Joel 3, Isaiah 11 and 63, Psalm 83, Ezekiel 34-37, Amos 9, Zechariah 9-14 in its real context; Daniel 11 in its real, historical context, Luke 1: 71-74, Micah 5, and scores of other passages which seem not to exist as one peruses your work. It’s Russia, Russia, Russia, as endless as the Russian republic itself!!
In my opinion you have ignored the historical timeline of Daniel 11 and created a “gap” in the prophecy that does not exist. Throughout that chapter either the king of the north or the king of the south possessed Jerusalem. Today Israel irrevocably possesses the Holy City; which of those kings (north or south) is Israel? In my studied opinion, that line of kings was brought to its end by Edmund Allenby when Britain (NOT as another king of the south) booted the last king of the north (Turkey was incontrovertibly such an entity!) it acquired the land NOT in its own imperial interest as had all the previous kings of n and s., but in order to established a Jewish homeland in what was then known as Palestine – a high ideal later reneged upon drastically bringing down the mightiest empire mankind had ever known. Please review the history of the Turk’s 400-year hegemony over the Promised Land and see how the events of 1917 exhausted that 11th of Daniel and brought in the era of the budding of the Fig tree (Israel) and “all the trees” similar to Israel, namely all the artificially-created Islamic states of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Trans-Jordan (Jordan today), Kuwait, and legitimized Saudi Arabia. How can such utterly transparent fulfillment be ignored. The King of the North ist kaput! He has come to his end with none to help as Daniel so clearly relates! Now let’s move on to the Proximal Islamic States and their bloody and prolonged threats of destroying Israel. THESE are the primary target of the returned Christ of the Second Advent – not Russia, not Gog, not Persia, not Togarmah or Libya or Ethiopia. I could go on …
And how did Magog get over to Europe as clearly indicated by many of your expositors? When YHVH gave Ezekiel his prophetic revelations, Europe was scarcely inhabited, probably not even known to the prophet. Bro. Thomas issued an opinion on the dilemma of locating prophetic entities in the end-time. He said locate the territory upon which the country or people referred to were living at the time the prophecy was given and you have found the area designated in every prophecy about it. Only the people change – but the land itself does not. You brethren must have discovered that rather inconvenient statement as set out in Elpis Israel – a magnificent work on many levels, might I add.
Magog was that giant landmass now comprehended as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan – five of the nine member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States of the former USSR. These lands roughly compose Scythia of Herodotus’ day – the land which he referred to as Magog. It cannot and has not and never shall move from that geographic location. And that key point (in addition to a total mis-read of Isaiah 16: 4 – “…let mine outcasts dwell…” – please consult the Septuagint, Rotherham, Moffat, and other respected translations to discover the OPPOSITE meaning of the KJV). Those key points were a derailleur to the beloved Doctor and routed his train of progress of end-time prophecy onto a blind side-track, in my humble opinion. The people of ancient Magog (Scythia) are 99.5% Muslim, and are completely aligned with Russia (Gog) of today, and their association with Russia is so tight as not ever to be broken. France, Germany and Europe are NOT aligned with Russia, and the prospect is that they never shall be. That is a misinterpretation of the intention of Ezekiel 38, 39, in my opinion. So now, every aspect of your endless productions of the end-time scenario has to be rethought and restructured – and presented with some modicum of accuracy in more perfect alignment with our Father’s prophetic forecasts, which reveal really, really, really clearly a giant conflagration of the returned LORD Jesus against the powers – the aliens – who have encroached on the Promised Lands of Abraham (the land between the Rivers and the Seas) who must be completely eradicated before the Gogian confederation can even begin to consolidate!! It is to me incomprehensible that a group of really, really sincere and intelligent brethren such as your Group could overlook such a massive collection of prophetic literature – which, admittedly, I was not aware of for many years – until I began to realize that there are more than fifty widely-scattered references (some are several chapters in length) that give a markedly different sequence than that which you propose.
Your web site continues to state that you are “keen” to hear from readers and get their opinions, dear brethren, but you never seem to get around to responding to my questions. Why is that? I shall not venture an opinion. Let me just say in closing that these are, in my opinion, not doctrinal errors, but are critical errors in our understanding the events as we may expect them to unfold, potentially leading some of us in unwanted directions – unprofitable pathways – and cause us to miss the faith-sustaining details as they unfold.
Sincerely desiring your input,
Your brother in Christ, Harold Edward Lafferty, Western Maryland, USA [email protected]

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