master’s blueprint

Pause to Consider – ‘Desensitization in Discipleship’….Video Podcast

Pause to Consider - 'Desensitization in Discipleship'....Video Podcast
A father taught his son to appreciate the cost of eating meat. How can this make us aware of potential ...
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Pause to Consider – ‘Motivation vs Discipline’….Video Podcast

Pause to Consider - 'Motivation vs Discipline'....Video Podcast
Ever get excited to make changes in your life, only for the excitement to wear off and to end up ...
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Pause to Consider – ‘The Leper within us’….Video Podcast

Pause to Consider - 'The Leper within us'....Video Podcast
By touching a leper, Jesus Christ showed the world that He can make anything clean. What does that mean for ...
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Pause to consider – The Master’s Blueprint

Pause to consider  - The Master's Blueprint
In the early days of photography, an experiment led to the development of blueprints. How can spiritual blueprints found in ...
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