Sunday Night Informal Readings and Chat Group. (19.30gmt+1)

If you are a Christadelphian and would like to participate – please register your details here (upon approval you will be sent the password to access this area)

Thank you for your interest in the Sunday Night Informal Readings & Chat Group, which aims to provide a beneficial spiritual resource for us all during our ongoing period of “interrupted fellowship”, especially during the winter months ahead.  We hope to get to know each other better around God’s Word.

Every Sunday evening, God willing:

7:30pm – Opening prayer, the first reading of the day, a brother will give some prompts for discussion, then we split up into groups (up to 9 devices) to discuss the reading, with everyone encouraged to participate.  

c.8:15pm – Smaller 15-minute chat groups start

9:25pm – Final prayer together for God’s blessing on the week ahead.

You are welcome to:

arrive late – if so, you may have a short wait to be let in.  (This will allow our tech volunteers to engage fully in the sessions.)  It would be best to join just before the quarter hour, from 8:10pm on.  

leave early – just hit “leave meeting” when you need to go

As always, the benefit will be increased if we make the time to look at the reading ahead of the session each week.

To join us, go to  The password is the first word of Hymn 1.

September 2020

Please register your details here (for our information only)

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