Bible Truth & Prophecy | Summary of Key World News for Oct 2015 in Light of Bible Prophecy

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— A retired Israel General makes the point that the Pals believe that everything they have ever suffered is some one else’s fault, never their own (D Alert)
— Border Guards platoons numbering about 1300 reversists called up to help quell Arab violence (Debka)
— Israel’s Iron Dome shoots down 2 rockes from Gaza (J Post)
— Mr Netanyahu says that after 100 years, Israel’s enemies have NOT learned that terrorism will never defeat the Zionist enterprise (J Post)
— In a recent address to the Knesset, Mr Netanyahu called PA’s Abbas a liar and called on him to stop inciting the Arabs to murder and and violence (J Post)
— Speaking to the Knesset on Oct 13, Mr Netanyahu said that anyone who raises their hand against us will pay dearly!! (PMO)
— An Israel paper accuses Moslem political and religious leaders of deceiving Moslems world wide into believing Israel threatens the Al-Aqsa mosque (Hayom)
— Israel is to revoke residency permits of East Jerusalemites who perpetrate acts of violence against Israelis(Meid)
— Mentioned recently in a list of Israeli inventions is the WaterGen which generates drinking water from the air (D Alert)
— Israel and the US are resuming defence aid talks which will improve Israel’s ability to defend itself (Reuters)
— Israel’s Rep to the UN accused Arabs of using the Al AQsa mosque as a storage place for all kinds of offensive weapons in their bid to harm and stop Israelis and others from entering the Temple Mount (D Alert)
— Israeli law may be changed to allow minors 12 and over to be gaoled for terrorist activities (J Post)
— Israel Aerospace Industries have developed a ‘DRONE GUARD” system which can cause an offending drone to return to base or crash land (I.D)
— Israel has killed an ‘Iranian Field Commander’ in Gaza (Ynet)
— In the 3 weeks to Oct 20, Israel has lost 10 people to Pal terror attacks (J Post)
— Israel‘s Ambass to the UN says that the terror in Israel is NOT a cycle of violence but simply unprovoked attacks against Israelis for no reason other than the fact that they are Jews living in their historic homeland (J Post)
— 12 of the graduating students at the Israeli combat officer training were from ‘foreign’ countries such as USA, Germany , Italy, the Netherlands, Brazil and Greece (T of I)
— An Israeli ‘start up’ company claims to have found a way to cause cancer cells to allow themselves to be killed off (T of I)
— Talks between Israel and the USA will result in a new defence package aimed at maintaining Israel’s ‘qualitative edge’ (J Post)
— Israel and Jordan have agreed on the installation of surveillance cameras on the Temple Mount. (AP)
— Speaking to the UN on Oct 27, Mr Ya’alon said Islam calls for the destruction of the Jewish State because Islamic ideology demands it (D Alert)
— On Nov 1 Israeli jets hit Hizbullah targets in southern Syria as well as a base of militant supporters of Assad (J Post)
— Azerbaijan welcomed a 4 MK Israel delegation to help supervise an election on October 30 (J Post)
— Israel has been selected to join an International Task Force to combat financing of terrorism and money laundering (J Post)
— Israel is seeking Osprey aircraft from US, They are capable of reaching Iran (T of I)
— Mr Netanyahu flew to Washington on Nov 8 for talks re an increase in USA military aid (J Post)
— Mr Netanyahu says that his talks with Pres Obama will include the need to maintain Israel’s power edge (T of I)


— By October 8 Russia was talking about ‘volunteer’ Russian ground forces entering the war in Syria and a tent city for nearly 2000 is in place near Latakia (N York T)
— The Pentagon claims that of the 26 Cruise missiles fired by Russia into Syria, 4 went astray and landed in Iran!! (Pentagon)
— On Oct 13 ‘insurgents’ fired 2 shells at the Russian embassy in Damascus (AP)
— Both Turkey and Saudi Arabia have warned Russia its intervention in Syria is a big mistake and WILL END BADLY (J Post)
— A writer claims that ONE THIRD of Moscow in now Moslem!! (J Post)
— Russia is showing great interest in investing in Iran and is proposing a ‘credit line of $5 Billion to help Iran finance various developments (Meid)
— A report claims that Russia is flying Iranian arms into Syria twice a day in breach of 2 UN Sec. Council resolutions (Fox)
— Another 700 Russians from Dagestan have recently left to join IS, bringing the total Russians doing so to about 2500 (AP)
— A Russian passenger plane crashed in the Sinai killing all on board. IS claims responsibility, but it was later revealed that praps an internal explosion (bomb)
— destroyed the plane(CNN)
— Russia’s ‘fuel-air explosive used in Syria, burns all the oxygen in the area or obliterates those in the strike zone (Express)
— An article points out that with 4000 personel, Russian intervention in Syria is having little effect (D Alert)
— British investigators say intell leads them to believe a bomb was placed on the Russian plane that crashed recently (BBC)


— Pres Obama’s ‘teacher’ of years ago now says Israel is an apartheid state and that Jesus was a Palestinian (T of I)
— The US has warned governments and bankers that Iran sanctions are still in place (Reuters)
— A US and Kurdish commando raid on Oct 22, has freed 70 IS prisoners already doomed to execution (N York T)
— The US is to cut aid to The West Bank and Gaza by $80 million because of incitement against Israelis (Al Monitor)
— On Oct 27 USA pledged to enhance the entire spectrum of strategic cooperation with Israel (Def News)
— Pres. hopeful Trump says that Obama hates Israel and Israel will be safe if he is elected Pres (T of I)
— Some US lawmakers are demanding the USA impose fresh sanctions against Iran following the arrest in Iran of US=Iranian oil executive. (Wall St J)
— USA has placed sanctions on at least 4 companies associated with HIzbullah freezing their assets and forbidding companies from dealing with them (Wall St J)
— A White House assessment shows that there is no chance of a ‘2 State solution in Israel during the Presidents’ remaining time in power (J Post)
— Strong employment figures show US unemployment down to 5 % (Wash Post)
— In Israel, former US Congresswoman Bachmann says return of Jesus imminent (T of I)


— Egyptian clashes with terrorists in Sinai resulted in 20 terrorists killed and many others wounded (J Post)
— A report shows that Egypt has destroyed many Hamas smuggling tunnels by flooding them (J Post)


IS bombing in Turkey kills 128 and wounds hundreds (T of I)
— Fresh elections in Turkey resulted in Pres Erdogan retaining power even as he faces much unrest (Meid)


— There have been 1809 reported cases of cholera in the last month (Meid)


— On Oct 14 Iran broadcast pictures of an underground tunnel packed with missiles and launcher units, boasting there are many of them across the country (Voa)
— A major assault on Aleppo (Syria)
— is being led by Iran, using Iranian & Hizbullah troops plus Shi’ite militias from Iraq and elsewhere (Wash Post)
— The commander of Iran’s ground forces says Iran has missiles poised to destroy Israel and in his wishful thinking he states that Israel is close to collapse (Meid)
— A report says that 29 officers of the Rev Guard were killed in Syria in the last 2 weeks of Oct (Memri)
— A recent article accuses America of legalizing Iran’s projection of power (Tablet)
— Quite a few Iranian ‘commanders’ are refusing to serve in Syria (D Alert)
— Figures show that165 Iranians have been killed in Syria since Jan 13 2014, with 34 killed in this Oct, (J Post)


— On Oct 9 in spite of Russia’s appearance, IS captured several several villages in north west Syria (Wash Post)
— An air strike killed about 40 IS men as their convoy left Raqqa, the de facto IS ‘capital’ (T of I)
— On Oct 4 IS seized control of the highway to Aleppo thus severing the Syrian army’s supply line (Debka)
— Despite heavy bombardments by the Russians, rebel troops are pushing towards the the Latakia area where Russia’s main base is (Daily Beast)
— A writer points out that even with the influx of thousands of ‘fighters’ to support Assad, plus Russian air power, no decisive results have been achieved (Ha’aretz)


— When 400 Pal rioters tried to breach border fence, 7 killed by Israeli fire (T of I)
— 3 Israelis were killed in separate incidents on Oct 12 (Meid)
— On Oct 13, about 30 Gazans breached the border fence before being rounded up and forced back to where they came from (J Post)
— A Pal fire bomber set himself ablaze as he attempted to throw a firebomb at Israeli soldiers (J Post)
— A Syrian rebel group has plans to locate Russian troops and blow them up with suicide bombers ((D Alert)
— Al Qaeda is calling on Moslems in Russian areas to attack military and civilian targets and offer 3 million euros for anyone killing Syria’s Assad and 2 million for killing Hizbullah’s Nasrallah!!!! (Wash Post)
— The home of a Hebron man who killed an Israeli woman has been demolished (J Post)
— Since the renewed violence against Israel started, 10 Israelis have been killed (J Post)
— A terrorist sniper cell in Gaza has been identified and eliminated (J Post)
— Terrorism continued in Israel on Oct 21 with Israelis wounded and several Pal terrorists killed. (J Post)
— ISIS world wide daily terror attacks jumped 42 % July to September 2015 despite increased attacks against it (NBC)
— On Oct 27, 2 Pal terrorists were shot dead as they tried to kill Israelis (J Post)
— An Islamic State video threatens Jews “We are coming for you from all over the world…no Jew will be left alive “ (D Alert)
— New info reveals that12 Israelis and 70 Pals have been killed to date in the current violence (D Alert)
— An article points our that the ‘knife intifada’ has failed in its object (J Post)


— UNESCO is seeking to condemn Israel for daring to oppose terrorism and it declares the Western Wall is part of the Al-Aqsa mosque compound (Meid)
— It has been revealed that 10 UN ‘staffers’ have been inciting Pals to stabbing and shooting attacks against Jews


— An Islamic cleric, Mughrabi, is predicting that the “Children of Israel will be exterminated and the anti-Christ will be killed’ (Meid)
— 7,000 troops from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Hizbullah have arrived in Syria readying for a combined ‘push’ against rebels opposing Pres Assad (J Post)


— A Pal Law student who murdered 2 Israelis has received an honorary law degree from the Pal Bar assoc. (Hayom)
— A paper points out that a convicted bomb making PA man, Barghouti, who killed 66 people and wounded 500, has accumulated a 6 figure sum/reward from the PA (J Post)
— The PA says they will bring charges against Israeli leaders for’field executions’ of terrorists (J Post)
— A Moslem cleric preaching (!!) in Gaza, holds a large knife and exhorts Pals to form stabbing squads (D Tel Aust)
— Fatah is again claiming that the only way to a Pal state is through violence and resistance (T of I)
— In spite of Arab lies about Israel changing the rules on the Temple Mount, this has not happened (Politico)
— Whilst the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem asserts there has never been a Jewish temple atop the Temple Mount, and that the site has been home to a mosque “since the creation of the world.the Quran apparently disagrees with him in 17: 4- 8 ((J Post)
— CD’s being sold in the West Bank include titles such as ‘Stab the Zionist and say God is great… Let the knives Stab your enemy….Run over Run over the Settler” (N York T)
— Gaza University Dean of Koran Studies Approves Killing Jewish Women and Children (J Post)
— A Palestinian writes “It is time we Palestinians stopped pretending that we can destroy Israel or drive the Jews into the sea. They are here to stay” (J Post)
— Pal security officials claim that around Jerusalem there are thousands of weapons hidden in Arab homes and other hiding places (Ynet)
— With ‘tongue in cheek’, Mr Abbas has called on the UN to establish a ‘regime of protection’ to protect them from attacks by Israel !! (T of I)
— A new Iran backed terror group, Al -Sabireen, has surfaced in Gaza with about 400 adherents and Grad and Faja missiles (Gatestone)
— On Oct 24, cleric Abu Ahmad, speaking in the Al-Aqsa mosque, called on allah to destroy the Jews (MEMRI) (See Ex 35:13)
— The current unrest by Pals is threatening the livelihood of about 200,000 Pals working in Israel (D Alert)
— New Arab teaching is that Abraham and Moses were Moslems and Jesus a Palestinian!!(Hayom)


— After losing dozens of ‘commanders’ in Syria and 1263 ‘fighters,’ Hizbullah supporters are starting to question Hizbullah’s role in Syria (D Alert)


— The head of MI 5 is warning of mass casualty terror attacks in England, directed by IS terrorists in Syria (Tele-UK)


— A report says that the last remaining Jews in Yemen are being told to convert to Islam or leave! (Meid)
— Some Gulf countries are in talks with Israel, interested in buying the Israeli Iron Dome anti-missile system as protection against Iran (N York T)
— On Oct 15 US and Kurdish forces attacked an IS prison in north Iraq, freeing dozens of Kurdish hostages and taking several IS fighters captive (Debka)
— A report claims that by December 2015, the Moslen invasion of Europe may total 1.5 million (Gatestone)
— Canada and Israel reaffirmed their long standing friendship, by phone on October 22 (Globe)

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