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milestones bible
This series of Bible studies were presented at the MACBS in 2019. Bro. Simeon Guntrip – Manchester (Sale), UK Ecclesia, will speak on the subject “Ecclesiastes -The Words of the Preacher” to the adults and “Angels-The Ministers of God” to the teens. Bro. Roger Lewis – Christchurch North, NZ Ecclesia will speak on the subject “Who was the Nameless Man of God?”.to the adults and “The Sign of the Prophet Jonah” to the teens. Bro. Ken Styles – Royal Oak, Detroit, MI Ecclesia will speak on the subject “The Blessing of Forgiveness” to the adults and “Choosing Holiness” to the teens Watch in ...
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2019 Mid Atlantic Christadelphian Bible School – 30+ Videos

The Inner Man - 5 Videos
 # The New Creation is that sacred space where God dwells in us, and it is more real than temples made with hands. With God living in us, we are not our own. # The Inner Man is God’s New Creation. At our baptism into Christ, our Old Man has died with him and we put on the new nature, the image of God that is being renewed in us. # To be God’s Temple is not a passive thing; it is full of active service. We are called to a vocation, with active roles working together, a royal priesthood ...
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The Inner Man – 5 Videos

School of the Prophets 2019 - Jim Cowie
School of the prophets 2019 - this class series is titled 'How to study and interpret Bible prophecy' - 9 clases in total given in Ontario Canada. Class 1 'Introduction to Bible Prophecy - Prophecies and Prophetic Types Class 2 'The framework of Bible prophecy and how to prove it' Class 3 'The fundamental prophecies of Scripture' Class 4 'The prophetic framework in Joshua From Armageddon to God all and in all' Class 5 'Edom as a type of latter day Anti Semitic nations' Class 6 'The King of the North and the King of the South in history and ...
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School of the Prophets 2019 – Jim Cowie

Angels: 6 aspects of their roles considered.
6 videos looking at the role of the Angels as recorded in scripture: Many people have views about the Angels but are they based on what the Bible actually says or something else? Watch in Full HD below - Click Image to play ...
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Angels: 6 aspects of their roles considered.

The Sign Of The Prophet Jonah - 6 Videos
Follow Bible Truth and Prophecy on A series of 6 videos pitched for youth around the subject of Jonah. We may be familiar with the Bible story of Jonah and how he was preserved by a large fish, but do we really understand the message of this short book from the old testament - 1: Flight 2: Storm 3: fish 4: City 5: Gourd 6 Sign Watch in Full HD below - Click Image to play... Watch more videos by this presenter?  (Click button opposite) ...
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The Sign Of The Prophet Jonah – 6 Videos

The Blessing of Forgiveness - 6 Videos
This series of Bible studies were presented at the MACBS in 2019. Forgiveness summary: Forgiveness, as defined in the Bible, is generally misunderstood because of the confusion that exists in failing to differentiate between Godly forgiveness and human forgiveness.  God forgives because of His character, which is merciful, gracious, longsuffering, abounding in lovingkindness and faithfulness.  The Bible says it’s what He delights in doing and is ready to do, provided man uphold the righteous requirements God has established for a sinner to be forgiven.  The Lord Jesus Christ defines what forgiveness looks like in practical, every day terms.  From the ...
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The Blessing of Forgiveness – 6 Videos

Choosing Holiness - 6 Videos aimed with youth in mind.
Holiness summary: The Bible paints a vivid, yet troubling picture of the moral conditions that will exist in society just before the return of Christ to the earth.  Jesus, Peter, Paul and John all foretell of rampant degeneration as men, women and children turn from obeying God to enjoying the lusts and pleasures of sin.  The Lord warns how all the evil that existed in Noah’s day will converge with all the evil of Lot’s day into a single generation – there will be an explosion of violence and immorality.  The predominant danger faced by believers living in such perilous ...
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Choosing Holiness – 6 Videos aimed with youth in mind.

Technology - The Christian and the Problem: 3 Videos
3 studies examining the impact of technology on individuals, society, and the ecclesia. The speaker has a degree in marketing and Digital Media and a diploma in television and film production and has worked in the industry for 10 years. He is a Christadelphian and here presents the facts without judgement in the hope that listeners will be better equipt to deal with the growing problems facing parents carers alike. Many scriptures are referenced to provide balance and clarity. Study 1: Tom examines the impact of technology on our lives both good and bad and explains the Biblical wisdom of ...
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Technology – The Christian and the Problem: 3 Videos

Junior Elpis Israel Audio Classes (with notes) - 43 Classes
audio and notes from a series of Junior Elpis Israel classes that Jonathan Bowen led for pre-teens and early teens about ten years ago. These could be useful as a home Bible study with your child(ren), for homeschooling, CYC, or Kids Class. Listen - Click button to play ...
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Junior Elpis Israel Audio Classes (with notes) – 43 Classes

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