Bible Truth & Prophecy | Studies in the Gospel of John: - 5 Videos

The speaker, Martin Webster (Canada) in these studies looks at 5 different aspects taken from the Gospel according to John.


Study 1: In this study the subject is Birth, Martin considers the example of Nicodemus and the powerful instruction to be ‘Born again’ and it’s TRUE IMPLICATION TO THE BELIEVER in the hope of Israel.

Study 2: In this study, Martin considers the theme of ‘WATER’ and draws on the example of the woman at the well – An excellent and eyeopening study.

Study 3: In this study, Martin examines the deeper meaning behind the Miracle of the feeding of the 5000, drawing out lessons for all.

Study 4:The Saying ‘seeing is believing’ is well know, But what about those who have not witnessed Christ in the flesh? The account of the man born blind is dealt with in detail and some wonderful lessons brought forth.

Study 5: Love is a central theme in John’s Gospel and the scriptures in general – the speaker in this video helps bring to our minds the true significance of real LOVE and how that should be manifest in our actions.

Watch in Full HD below – Click Image to play…

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