We have had the result – Britain is to leave the EU.

But the Angels have been very Busy!

But who could have failed to notice that there were massive floods and widespread disruption across the south East of London on the eve of the historic vote- a part of the UK that was expected to vote in large numbers to remain in the EU.

We will probably never know exactly how many were prevented to vote by the disruption that was caused by the storm, but one thing is for sure in our minds – God, in his foreknowledge brought about the storm to ensure his will would be performed.

God intervening in this way is nothing new, History is peppered with examples of how the weather has affected the outcome of key events.

We know that God uses his creation to perform his will, (Job 37:9 +) and to show signs (Joel 2:10) we only have to think of 1588 and the defeat of the Spanish Armada, Cyclone after Cyclone contributed to the destruction of 67 of the 130 ships in the fleet ( Britain lost just 8 ships), or Nelson’s victory at Trafalgar where the wind being in a certain direction helped secure the victory.

See this excellent video for further clarification.

The final formation of the nations is now taking place to complete the image of Daniel Cpt 2, ready for the time spoken of by Zech 14: 2+.
However, the majority of the world’s media is not concerned with such things, yet still we see reports relating to the ‘freak Storm’ and ‘Act of God’ when describing the events of June 23rd.

We found it ironic that the British Met office issued this warning ….. The Met Office issued an amber “be prepared” warning for Thursday evening as heavy rain again fell across London and south-east England. Yet nothing they could have done could have prevented what was to happen later that day.

The capital was so severely disrupted, that people had to be rescued from their homes.

Over 40 flood alerts were in force. (See Images below of some of the devastation)

John Curtice, the polling expert, said the bad weather could have affected the turnout in London, where Remain dominated.

Boris Johnson, leader of the Leave campaign, only just made it to the polling station in the nick of time.

Just some of the problems the storm caused….

  • Rail companies including Southeastern, South West Trains and Greater Anglia are reporting major problems and Gatwick Express has a reduced service
  • Waterloo Station was closed because of overcrowding while other stations were very busy as commuters tried to board services home
  • Flooding have closed roads in Clapham and Raynes Park while there were delays in Brixton after a collision between a bus and a fire engine

In Chessington, resident John Tindall said there was about 15cm (6in) of fast flowing water in the polling station on Devon Way when he tried to vote earlier on Thursday.

Kingston Council said it decided to close a polling station and move it to the Hook Centre.

The Shiraz Mirza polling station has also been moved to Malden Manor Children’s Centre in Lawrence Avenue, while the polling station at St Thomas More Catholic Church in Barking was shut because of a burst water main.

In Kent, a Dover polling station was being run on a generator because of a power outage, Dover District Council said.

UK Power Networks said electrical equipment became submerged in the floods, causing power cuts across the region, but it said everything was being done “to restore power as soon as possible”.

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Daniel 2:21

 And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding:

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