WAKE UP! Global Conflict Imminent! -: Joel 3: ‘I will also Gather ‘ALL’ Nations’ Prophecy New Video Release



WOW! -Russia is circling the prey, looking to take a slice out of Turkey!! Bible in the News Video Post

*MUST SEE** -‘FROG LIKE SPIRITS’ Gathering the Nations to ArmageddonDraft New Video Release


Russia, Israel and Iran – A Complex Prophetic Triangle : A Prophecy update from the Lampstand Magazine

*WOW! Russia’s new weapons!* – The nations are preparing for War – Bible in the News Video Post


Israel, Rebirth of a Nation: Proof that God Exists and his Kingdom will be established on Earth!

Preparing the Way: A Prophecy update from the Lampstand Magazine May 1st 2018


Out Today – Don Pearce’s Milestones Bible Magazine article from Winter 2017/18

Israel’s 70th Anniversary: Direct Fulfilment of End Time Bible Prophecy

Macron sparks uproar by reaching out to …Catholic Church – The Christadelphian Watchman Prophecy Update

Now let’s look at Europe and Russia!! Christadelphian Watchman Prophecy Update 30.3.2018 :

Libya, Ethiopia become allies of Russia Ezekiel 38- What does this mean? Video post


Germany has been Quietly Working to Unite European Militaries since the 1950’s: Prophecy Update

Bible Endtime Prophecy Fulfilled by TRUMP: UN Vote on Jerusalem Prelude to Armageddon!’ Video Post Bible in the News

Moab in the latter Day Bible Prophecy :- Geoff Henstock


PEOPLE POWER! ‘The Sea and the Waves Roaring’

What a Year so Far! Bible Prophecy Update Oct 2017 Video Post

Signs In The Middle East and Israel that God Is In Control!

Signs Of the Times Milestones to the Kingdom Summer 2017 Update – Don Pearce

Latest News & PROPHECY: Juncker makes fresh push for EU SUPERSTATE

‘Undemocratic’ European Union has become a German empire, Latest News & PROPHECY

The Year 2017 Or “The year of Commemorations” 1917 The Balfour Declaration

Must See! Bible Prophecy concerning the Papal Influence in the Last Days Video post

Better off out: German economist predicts bright future for UK but trouble ahead for EU

Choose the Commonwealth NOT EU! Australians call for new migrant rights after Brexit

Latest News & PROPHECY: ‘European Union is just another name for 4th Reich!’ Poles FURIOUS at German-led EU

MUST SEE! Shocking World News Summary in Relation to God’s Plans – Bible Prophecy – August 2017

Trump/Kim – Are we heading towards World War 3?

Latest News & PROPHECY – Why the Pope and Putin?

Latest News & PROPHECY: Revealed: Plans for EU army, navy and air force deployable without national MPs’ approval

Moab in Bible Prophecy :- Geoff Henstock Video post


Latest News & PROPHECY: Putin signs Syria base deal cementing Russias presence there for half a century

Iran-backed Hezbollah has vowed to “surprise Israel” – Signs of the Times Update


MUST SEE! Bible Prophecy: The rise of Islam and future of the Muslim peoples Video Post

50 Years of Jerusalem: An amazing Miracle in Modern times – you will be astounded!! Video post

The Improbable Nation Of Israel Video post

Jerusalem: Source of World Conflict and World Peace – Video Post

Latest News & PROPHECY: EU army inevitable says senior German official

Christians everywhere: WATCH! Christ’s Return is NEAR: WW3 IMMINENT Video post

Get Ready to See Jesus Part 1/3 – Andy Walton Video post

Six Day War: Bible Prophecy in Action Video post

The Visible Hand Of God: ‘The 6 Day War’ 50 Years later

Signs of the Times Update May 2017- Jim Cowie

Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité The Frog Spirits are Alive and Well! Video Post Bible in the News

Prophecy News Update: Cracks appearing in NATO! Is it to be dissolved? -Something needs to change. Video Post Bible in the News

Latest News & PROPHECY: Gulf States Warm to Israel see possibility of Palestinian Peace Deal

Israel Independence Day: A Remarkable speech by the U S Vice President Mike Pence Video Post Bible in the News

Latest News & PROPHECY: UK blocks EU military unit in wording spat

Trump to visit Jerusalem! Israel planning massive building spree in Jerusalem Video Post Bible in the News


Latest News & PROPHECY: Meeting Palestinian leader Abbas, Trump hopes for ‘terrific’ peace deal in Middle East

Latest News & PROPHECY: Europe Arms Control Regime Could Be Considered If NATO Stops ‘Deterring’ Russia

Bible Prophecy Fulfilled in 1948. The State of Israel comes into existence after almost 2000 yrs in exile.

MORE SIGNIFICANT DEVELOPMENTS – End time Bible Prophecy happening NOW!!

MUST SEE! Prophetic Scriptural Pattern reveals the destiny of Europe leading to WW3: Video post

Signs Of the Times Milestones to the Kingdom Update – Don Pearce

The defenders of Israel

Ezekiel 38 made easy – DES PARTRIDGE

The World’s Nations: On Brink of World War 3 & Nuclear War – Video Post Bible in the News

Syria Strike: what comes next – World War 3?

Latest News & PROPHECY: Fears for Nato as Brussels takes first step to an EU ARMY

EU’s small steps toward a military HQ – Latest News & PROPHECY

Is A NATO Like Alliance The Answer To Security Challenges In The Middle East?

Exclusive: United States could become an ‘associate member’ of the Commonwealth

News Update: There is an alliance growing between Saudi Arabia and Israel — and Iran should be worried

Bible And the News: Milestones to God’s Kingdom Update: Rugby Bible Prophecy day 2017- Video Post

Britain, Brexit And The Beast – Rugby Bible Prophecy day 2017 Video Post

The Work Of The Angels – Rugby Bible Prophecy day 2017 Video Post

LOOK!! – 2017 will be a PROPHETICAL year to remember! – Video Post Bible in the News

Written in 1849 By John Thomas – it could have been written yesterday!

EU turns to Russia for help with Libya – Video Post Bible in the News

The miracle of Israel’s Rebirth and the Jewish claim to Jerusalem: Video content included.

Lift up your heads Your Redemption Draws Nigh: The year that king Uzziah died: – Video post

Lift Up Your Heads: Unmistakable sign of the Fig Tree & All The Trees – Video post

Lift up your heads: 2016 Bible and the News Review Video post

Interpreting Bible Prophecy? – think Israel!

Latest News & PROPHECY: German bishop claims Catholic Church could start giving Communion to some Protestants imminently

Inauguration of President Trump & Bible Prophecy

What the Damning UN Security Council resolutions against Israel really means…..

2016 Year in Review – Biblical Timeline

LOOK! American Embassy to Move to the Eternal City of Jerusalem -Video Post Bible in the News

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