Israel suspends ties with Unesco over motion that downplays Jerusalem links

UNESCO approved a resolution denying any Jewish connection with Jerusalem

This resolution approved by this world body, denies any Jewish connection to Jerusalem and especially the holy sites. The resolution  refers to Jerusalem by its Islamic names.
Do you appreciate what this means if it were true?
In effect this resolution means you are to throw away two thirds of the Bible, for example…
1: Jesus never visited Jerusalem, he was not born in Bethlehem,
2: The ‘magi’ never saw Herod and came to see the infant Jesus, not did they bring him their gifts –
3: Jesus did not visit the temple, for there was no Jewish temple there, when he was twelve years old.
4: During his ministry Jesus never visited the temple and did no miracles in the city of Jerusalem.  
5: He certainly did not institute the communion service in the upper room.
6: Judas did not betray him outside the city walls in Gethsemane.
7: Jesus was not taken before the Jewish High priests because there was no temple there.
8: He was not examined by Pilate nor crucified outside the city –
9: His body was not placed in a new tomb, nor did he rise from the dead three days later –
10: He certainly did not meet his disciples afterwards nor did he ascend into heaven from the Mount of olives.
11: The angels did not speak to those downcast disciples nor tell them that their Saviour Jesus would return at a future date. 
Simply put the whole of the four gospels are folklore created by infidel Christians. Even the temple builder – Herod, an Edomite, an Arab did not exist.
The many incidents in the acts of the apostles, including the giving of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost, the miracles carried out by the apostles in Jerusalem simply did not take place nor did Paul start out on the road to Damascus from Jerusalem.
There are references to Jerusalem in the Paul’s epistles but that again would simply be totally wrong.

This is what that UNESCO resolution is telling followers of Christ – Christians –

How many references are there to El Kuds, the Arab name for Jerusalem in the Koran?  If you do not know, you may be surprised at the answer – bear in mind the Koran was written SIX HUNDRED years after the times of Jesus. – The Koran was written after the time of ‘the prophet’.  There is no record in the Koran of the prophet visiting Jerusalem or El Kuds.
Looking at the Old Testament there are over SEVEN HUNDRED references to Jerusalem  – the Old Testament was written one thousand or more years before the Koran. Consistently there are references to the Jewish nature of this city. Many of the Old Testament passages are quoted in the New Testament.
Consistently there are references to the Jewish nature of this city. Many of the Old Testament passages are quoted in the New Testament.
Consider the temple site, and check this for yourself.

1: It was bought by king David from the Jebusites – these were not Arabs (completely different race) David paid them for it in hard cash.  There is no record of the Temple area ever being sold back to the Jebusites. 
2: – Yassir Arafat claimed to be a descendant of the Jebusites – but the Jebusites had long disappeared – Arafat was infact an Arab.
3: – The Palestinians have lived in the land for millennia – firstly the name Palestinian originates from the word Philistine – the Philistines, like Goliath were NOT Arabs – they were Mediterranean sea people from Crete or Cyprus – In the 2nd century CE, the Romans crushed the revolt of Shimon Bar Kokhba (132 CE), during which Jerusalem and Judea were regained and the area of Judea was renamed Palaestina by Hadrian in an attempt to minimize Jewish identification with the land of Israel.  The Arabs in the
The Arabs in the so called West Bank largely migrated to that area when the Jews returned to Israel in the late 1880s onwards.  (and the Bible clearly taught that the Jews after many years in exile would go back to the land of their ancestor – Ezekiel 37)

Over thirty five years ago  the writer, went to a meeting arranged at the N.E.C. in Birmingham UK- I persuaded a friend to go along – it was a debate to consider ‘which is the Word of God – The Bible or the Koran?’  It took place on a Sunday afternoon.  When I got there – there were thousands of Moslems there – mostly from Pakistani and Arab backgrounds – ethnic backgrounds – there were very few, possibly one hundred, European faces – this is a fact – not a racial comment.-

The organisers – plainly from the Islamic community were menacing – they decried the Bible, the Word of God casting scorn upon its pages, and praising the Koran. That was thirty or more years ago. My Question is…Why were there no church leaders prepared to stand up and defend the book, the Bible they claim to believe?  Were they unable to defend the book they claim to believe?  Did they still really believe the Bible or had they changed their opinions? The cornerstone of the Bible is Jesus and Jesus believed in the Old Testament with all its references to the Jewishness of Jerusalem.

The cornerstone of the Bible is Jesus and Jesus believed in the Old Testament with all its references to the Jewishness of Jerusalem.

But yesterday the United nations decided that Jerusalem should be ‘stripped’ of all connection with Judaism and Christianity.  where were the religious leaders condemning the leaders of the Islamic nations? Nowhere to be seen. Nations which claim to be ‘Christian’ did not condemn the organisers of this resolution, did not seek to show the flaws in the resolution.
Nations which claim to be ‘Christian’ did not condemn the organisers of this resolution, did not seek to show the flaws in the resolution. Instead they abstained while two (only two voted against this resolution).  The UNESCO resolution is a lie, a total LIE, yet the world leaders do nothing.

Christians are being persecuted for their faith in the Arab and Islamic states. They are forbidden to hold meetings, and to proclaim the gospel.  In the western world those propounding Islam are allowed freedom of worship. They are allowed to build mosques – in Israel Arabs are allowed freedom of worship and can build mosques.  Is this equality and tolerance?

If the current situation were to continue, with the apathy of the religious leaders in the UK and elsewhere, then Islam would take over the world. I believe in the Hope of Israel as preached by the great Missionary – Paul and i am thankful that the present situation will not continue much longer and that the Messianic age will soon be established on the earth based in Jerusalem under the rulership of the one to whom it was promised two millennia ago.
 By Paul Maplethorpe
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