School of the Prophets 2019 - Jim Cowie

School of the prophets 2019 – this class series is titled ‘How to study and interpret Bible prophecy’ – 9 clases in total given in Ontario Canada.

Class 1 ‘Introduction to Bible Prophecy – Prophecies and Prophetic Types

Class 2 ‘The framework of Bible prophecy and how to prove it’

Class 3 ‘The fundamental prophecies of Scripture’

Class 4 ‘The prophetic framework in Joshua From Armageddon to God all and in all’

Class 5 ‘Edom as a type of latter day Anti Semitic nations’

Class 6 ‘The King of the North and the King of the South in history and future prophecy’

Class 7 ‘The convergence of Bible prophecy in the Apocalypse’

An excellent series of videos to assist those who are thinking of looking into the wonder of Bible Prophecy as we await the return of Christ to the earth.

Watch in Full HD below – Click Image to play…

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hi there – are Jim Cowie’s notes available for this series? looking to do some prophecy biblemarking with our youth … many thanks

Hello sister, have you tried here.. let us know if you cannot find them….
God Bless

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