“Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh”. Matt 25:13


The First of three studies given at the Rugby Bible Prophecy Day 2018.
This Study looks at the events surrounding and leading upto and the ‘Drying Up’ of the Ottoman empire late in the 20th Century that pathed the way to the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948.

Exclusively revealed are detailed records and personal accounts of those directly involved. We are grateful to the Waddesdon Manor Archive for granting the speaker access to some revealing and previously unpublished material which demonstrates just how the key players involved in the decision process leading upto the repatriation of Jews to their homeland was very much motivated with the Bible’s prophecies concerning Jerusalem in mind.

A fascinating study, showing how the hand of God is omnipresent in all the affairs of man concerning HIs people.

The 6th Vial: ‘Drying Up The Euphrates’ Inc Previously unknown facts



2nd study of the Rugby Bible Prophecy day 2018 , Bro Jonathan Bowen (Ontario) deals with the aspect of the 7th vial, exciting for Bible students the world over as it relates to the Kingdom age.
The speaker relies heavily on the scriptures to paint a wonderful picture of the Kingdom and draws out much food for thought for the discerning believer. Answering questions such as  “What is the temple of Heaven?” and “what is the shaking of the heavens” and what is “the air” that the vial is poured out into? Summarising with much-needed exhortation this video is a must see.

This video is would be a perfect Bible class to show at your ecclesias.



Since 1977, the Milestones magazine, http://milestonesuk.org/sample-page-2/ – has been made up of observation from the previous years significant (according to scripture) news. The current author, Bro Don Pearce, compiles this magazine to demonstrate that we are indeed living in the last Aion.

Don demonstrates that world events are clearly building up to the time when God will reveal himself to the world through his son, Jesus the Christ and establish a kingdom, his kingdom – centered in Israel with Jerusalem, the eternal city as its capital.

Many news items that are reported often go unnoticed in the mainstream news outlets as they are not ‘major’ news items, but each Milestones is a collection of news items that hold great significance in relation to Israel and the nations surrounding or who have dealings with her.

By doing this, Don can demonstrate, that as Watchmen we can see the endtime is upon us.

The previous two years have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of ‘Israel’ related news items, Don puts all this into perspective for us showing that with Bible in hand we can identify the things that must shortly come to pass.

Watch this latest Milestone video update to keep upto date.

Mark 13:37 King James Version (KJV) 37 And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.

Milestones Snippets….

Milestones Snippets are e-mailed out roughly 3 times a week with around 8 pages of news per issue. They consist of topical items from around the world. The contents of each issue is indexed with clickable links to the article. Each item is subject coded and periodically a cumulative index of all the articles since the start of the year is e-mailed.

sign up here.. http://milestonesuk.org/snippets/



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