Bible Truth & Prophecy | Recent Archaeology finds Proves the Bible is Truth! 5 Video Studies

Two world renown Archaeologists Dr Steven Collins and Christadelphian, Dr Leen Ritmeyer, collaborate and feature heavily in this excellent boxset of studies.

Bro Jonathan Bowen presents this informative series which includes material personally collected from his guided tour of the Bible lands, Led by the aforementioned Archaeologists, just a few years ago.
. This is a series NOT TO BE MISSED.

Dr Steven Collins (born September 11, 1950) is an American archaeologist and a professor with the College of Archaeology at the unaccredited Trinity Southwest University in Albuquerque, New Mexico, an institution that states that biblical scripture is the “divinely inspired representation of reality given by God to humankind, speaking with absolute authority in all matters upon which it touches”. Collins is also the Professor of Archaeology and Biblical History along with Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies at the accredited Veritas International University. He has been an archaeologist for 30 years, researching and teaching on Near Eastern archaeology and biblical studies. His work as a field archaeologist and Bible scholar, combine to tie the biblical record to the historical and archaeological evidence.

Bro Ritmeyer holds an M.A. in Conservation Studies from the Institute of Advanced Architectural Studies, University of York, England, and a Ph.D. from the University of Manchester, England.

Beginning in 1973, Ritmeyer served for 10 years as the official architect of the archaeological dig at the Southern Wall of the Temple Mount directed by Benjamin Mazar.

Ritmeyer is known for the “solid scientific research” he has done on the archaeology and architecture of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. He discovered archaeological evidence for the location of Solomon’s Temple, the emplacement of the Ark of the Covenant on the Foundation Stone, and the location of the platform as extended in the First Temple period, probably during the time of Hezekiah described as a square of 500 cubits in Mishnah Middot 2.1. He has demonstrated that one of the steps leading to the Dome of the Rock is actually the top of a remaining stone course of the pre-Herodian Western Wall of the Temple Mount platform.

Ritmeyer is known for his architectural models of the buildings of ancient Jerusalem. His models of the historical Jewish Temples have been exhibited at museums including the Yeshiva University Museum in New York and the Siegfried H. Horn Museum at Andrews University, Michigan.

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