Reasons to be thankful to be a Christadelphian

The Issue:

Sometimes we think our life is restrictive , our religion is so different and our lives so dull. It is easy to overlook the blessing we have in God’s Truth.


Consider these facts:

Our doctrines have been challenged , scorned and insulted for 150 years and have been proclaimed as heresy.

Now we find that the leading theologians are admitting that the Bible:

  • Does not teach that God is 3 persons in one
  • Does not really teach the immortal soul theory, as this doesn’t fit with the clearly stated resurrection
  • That Hell , Limbo and purgatory(as portrayed by the church for centuries) do not actually exist
  • That eternal fiends like Satan and demons do not actually exist


  • That children are best raised in stable families
  • That divorce and remarriage are socially and economically crippling to society.
  • That defacto relationships before marriage are a reliable predictor of divorce and abuse
  • That the sexualised media is harmful to young people
  • That sexual abstinence and discipline are best practice to avoid STD’s, pregnancy and to secure lasting marriages
  • That TV and computer use is harmful to children and should be limited
  • That the best life outcomes result from a life of self-discipline and delayed gratification, rather than self indulgence and pleasure seeking
  • That religious people enjoy many benefits from their life style- health/ peace/social contact/purpose /hope/ and avoidance of poverty traps like gambling, drugs , smoking and alcohol.
  • That true satisfaction and fulfilment is found in a commitment to serve others , rather than the selfish pursuit of happiness.


  • A rational faith that does not conflict with scientific discovery, as we are constantly discovering more and more confirmation of intelligent design.
  • A faith that makes sense, giving reasons why we are here and why such a beautiful world exists (Evolution can only offer guesses HOW it came to be –it has no idea why)
  • A belief in a Creator that is constantly being affirmed by new discoveries (DNA/Hubble)
  • A hope of living for ever ..more than just a few short uncertain years of mortality
  • The prospect of knowing Christ and God and the angels ..and of being part of their future joys.
  • Wonderful friends with common godly values all around the world
  • An amazing fellowship based on a common faith and trust.
  • So many real caring friends compared to most people in the world
  • People who care enough to support you in the most distressing times.
  • The opportunity to find a life partner , who has common friends, shared history and experiences and common aspirations and values.
  • An understanding of where the world is going /and what is coming. No need for fear of the future (climate change/economic collapse/unemployment/Nuclear war/ Armageddon)


Worth thinking about:

Athiests say that there is no existence or consciousness after death and no future resurrection. If they are right we have nothing to fear as we will never know about it.

However if we are right about the resurrection we will be ecstatically happy , and if they are there they will be very miserable indeed.


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