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My dear friends,
Having just returned from a tour of North America during which important recent events in relation to fulfilling Bible prophecy were discussed at public lectures, in studies and signs of the times talks, and in many chats with brethren and sisters, I received from a brother today the following link to an article about the movements of Russian warships from the Baltic to the eastern Mediterranean to support the conflict is Syria. The article is lengthy and provides many images. One of the sections begins this way:
Given that the Syrian conflict is reaching a crescendo after 5 blood-soaked years the report is highly significant when matched with the following recent developments:
  • The world teeters on the brink of the great Depression of the 21st century which careful observers know is coming (see attached article “The crash of 2016 – Wall Street gets ready” – much more information is available on request). As often mentioned, this will completely change the political landscape around the world and will allow rapid action by Russia largely unopposed by the west who will be smashed by the collapse. As you know, Putin has continually poked nations in the eye in recent years while they have means to fight back. What will he do when they are hobbled and distracted?
  • The Russian treasury will be empty by the end of 2016 due to the low oil price. This has been publicly admitted by Russian Treasury officials earlier this year (quotes can be supplied). Read Elpis Israel page 367 (1910 edition) – see quote below in blue.
  • Vladimir Putin recently called on all Russian officials to bring their family members home to Russia from other countries. For what purpose might be asked. The most obvious reason is that he expects war very soon.
  • ISIS is in retreat in both Syria and Iraq and is likely to undertake extraordinary actions to forestall elimination, just as they are presently doing in Mosul, Iraq to resist the advance of the Iraqi army offensive. Such actions will only provoke Putin to finally destroy ISIS who in September 2014 personally threatened him for his support of Bashar al Assad of Syria saying their Caliphate would conquer the southern Russian Stan states, free the Chechens from Russian oppression and ultimately capture Moscow! In so doing they signed their own death warrant.
So what war might it be that Putin seems focused on? We can be sure it is not Armageddon resulting from the Gogian invasion of Ezek. 38 because the saints will be there in that day (Zech. 14:5). That event is still 10 years away even if Christ returns this year to raise the dead. The war Mr Putin has in mind is the one the angels have been working on for over 25 years in the Middle east beginning with the Gulf War of 1990-91 and followed up by the invasion of Iraq by the US coalition in 2003. The confused and unstable situation we see today arose out of those events. However, what we are about to see can be traced back to Russia’s humiliating failure to conquer Afghanistan in the invasion of 1979 through 1989. Russian military leaders learnt from that bitter experience that any future attempts to conquer Afghanistan would require conquering the mountainous regions of eastern Iran and of Pakistan through which other nations (particularly the US) supplied the Mujahedeen (later Al Qaeda).
Three prophecies require Russia to assume control of the territory from Syria to Pakistan once known as the Seleucid Kingdom or “king of the north” of Daniel 11. They are Ezek. 38:5 (“Persia”); Dan. 7:7; 11:40 as explained by Bro. Morrie Stewart in his notes on Daniel when commenting on “stamping the residue with the feet of it” of Dan. 7:7 –“Let us emphasize, here is an important statement that has not as yet been fulfilled. Rome has never trampled the residue of Persia underfoot, it has never occupied all this territory. A power must yet arise which will occupy the territories of Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome, to be afterwards subjected to a higher power, namely Jesus Christ. Russia will do this. Thus, like the image of Daniel chapter 2, whose metals will have to be confederated together, before they can be broken to pieces TOGETHER (2:35), so also this terrible fourth beast vision has a latter-day application.” We do not yet have the latter day “king of the north”. This requires, as in history (Dan. 11), a foreign occupying power (like the Greeks under Seleucis and his successors) to conquer the region from Syria to the Indus River in modern Pakistan once known as “Persia”. As Bro. Morrie wrote, “Russia will do this” and become not only the “king of the north” who will then at some later stage attack Turkey (Dan. 11:40), but also become the latter day “Assyrian” (Isa. 10:5,24; 14:25; 30:31; 31:8; Mic. 5:5,6). Further details on this can be accessed via this link to Christadelphian Videos (from around minute 37 of the talk) –
Christ will collect his servants for judgement just before the great crash that will begin the “time of trouble such as never was” of Dan. 12:1-2 (resurrection is concomitant with the beginning of that time of trouble), consistent with his teaching in Luke 17:26-34. We cannot have long to wait.
Lift up your heads.
Your brother in Christ,
Jim Cowie

FROM ELPIS ISRAEL – Page 367 (1910 Edition)

Politicians speculate as though money were omnipotent; and we hear “financial reformers” predicting the inactivity of Russia and Austria for want of funds! Where did the barbarians procure funds for the overthrow of the western empire in the fifth and sixth centuries? Did they not support themselves by the spoil? Let the Russian treasury be as empty as it is said to be, and its expenditure exceed its revenue by double the alleged deficit, it will only operate as a pressure from within, causing her Autocrat to “enter into the countries, and to overflow and pass over,” and to enrich himself with the spoil of those he is destined to subdue.

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