Perth 2016 Bible Prophecy Day Video Series

Bible Prophecy is God’s way of showing to mankind that he does indeed rule in the Kingdom of men. This year’s Perth Prophecy day had 3 speakers, Bro Don Pearce (UK), Bro Brian Luke (Au) and Bro Carl Parry (AU).
ISAIAH 23 is the first subject matter, dealing with Tarshish in Bible Prophecy showing how Britain is indeed involved in the end time Prophecies, the 2nd and third studies deal with the King of the North and South for the North respectively. Daniel 11 is the basis for the King of the south reading and Daniel 8 for the King of the North Study.

Study 1:  Don Pearce: An outline of the fulfilment of Bible prophecy in recent years is given. Britain’s exit from Europe is all part of the realignment of the nations which indicate the near return of Christ.

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The background to the development of the power described as King of the South is explained.  The alliance of countries that will challenge the northern power  is expounded.

Prophesied by Daniel, the King of the North invades the Middle East to occupy Egypt. As Russia takes on the role of King of the North, she has now moved into the northern areas of the Middle East.

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