Description: The Kingdom of God, will be the restoration of Kingdom of God over Israel. The Kingdom of Israel was finished because of wickedness. However, Israel’s repatriation, remarkable in itself, is the prelude to the coming Kingdom of God which will absorb and replace all the governments of the world. Many customs of the Kingdom of Israel will be restored.

As mentioned at the end of our Bro’s 7th Eziekiel’s Temple Study … (58:45)

Ezekiel’s Temple Study Classes:

OUR Bro. Mark Allfree {Forest Rd, Nottm, UK} has put together a book entitled “The Restoration of the Kingdom”, which includes all the notes and the illustrations from all of his recent Ezekiel’s Temple study classes.

The book runs to 233 pages, and also includes a lot of extra information that was not covered during the classes.

If interested, please email our brother:  [email protected]



There are 20 chapters on the following subjects:

1)   The hope of the Kingdom               

2)   Details of the Kingdom

3)   The date of Ezekiel’s vision of the temple

4)   The man with the measuring reed  

5)   The courts of the temple

6)   The court gates             

7)   The temple

8)   Chambers toward the north and the south  

9)   The glory fills the temple

10) The altar                           

11) The consecration of the altar

12) The prince   

13) The ordinances of the house of the Lord

14) The Levites and the sons of Zadok 

15) The holy oblation

16) Offerings for the Sabbath day and the new moons

17) The river

18) The boundaries of the land of Israel      

19) The allocation of the land, and the city

20) The spiritual significance of the city

 The book is available at a price of £10.00. If you would like a copy please email him at

[email protected]

When he has received enough interest/orders he will commence printing.

He hopes you will find this book helpful and informative, and provide a clearer vision of the system of worship that will be introduced in the Kingdom exists to serve the brotherhood in providing both preaching and Study material in video and other forms to assist in the proclamation efforts of individuals and Ecclesias alike and also as a preaching tool in itself.

This website was set up to assist in this endeavour and our aim is to Declare the God of Israel to those who are seeking the truth about the Human condition and the message of salvation found within the pages of scripture (the Bible).

We are a group of Baptised Christadelphians from all over the world who volunteer their God given time and resources to this cause.

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