Over the years, the doctrine of the Bible has been influenced by opinions of those trained in philosophy and Roman government. In fact, several historians say for instance, that the “Roman Catholic Church is more Roman than it is Christian.”

I’ll answer each point briefly.

What Bible do we use?

Generally the KJV, though we refer to a number of others. I like the New King James Version. We also use the concordance and Greek and Hebrew lexicons to get the full meaning of the words. This impacts upon the words “devil” and “satan”.

Satan is a Hebrew word – it is untranslated. It simply means “adversary”, and has no idea of evil about it. So the angel who confronted Balaam in Numbers 22 – the word ‘satan’ is used of him on two occasions (v22), the word “withstand” is satan (v32). In Psalm 109 the word is used 4x. It is translated correctly 3x as “adversary”, and left as satan the fourth time.

And do you know, Jesus called Peter ‘satan’ – Peter was not evil, just misinformed on this occasion. Matt 16:23.

“devil” in the Greek is “diabolos” – we use it when we say someone is diabolical. It is always associated with evil and sin. ANYONE who is evil can be “devil”. How do I know? Read John 6:70.

“demon” is a different word, unfortunately translated “devil” in the KJV, so we don’t easily see the difference. It is used in 1 Corinthians 10:20 to tell believers NOT to visit the pagan temple… it is full of idols, and idols are regarded as “demons”. Do you remember one of the lesser Greek gods, called Pan? Well the word “pandemonian” comes from him.

The idea that the devil is a fallen angel is totally wrong. The Lord Jesus said that angels cannot die (Luke 20:36), and Psalm 103 says they always do the will of God. If you carefully read Isaiah 14 – we believe we ought to read IN CONTEXT – then you will see that “lucifer” which means ‘day star’ is identified in v4 as the king of Babylon… The chapter is a prophecy how Babylon will fall very dramatically.

The Bible teaches that Jesus Christ will rule the world from Jerusalem – Isaiah 2:2-4; Zechariah 14:9; Jeremiah 3:17. We are very concerned about this belief, because when the Lord Jesus takes the throne – after Armageddon (read all of Zechariah 14), he will command the allegiance of the nations. The Pope will say he is “anti-christ” and Revelation 17 describes the horns (ie territories) of the beast (directed by the Roman harlot) will make “war with the Lamb”…. Protestants have left the teaching of the Reformation… and many have accepted what is called “replacement theology”, ie that the Church replaces Israel.  Not so. Jesus Christ taught “Salvation is of the Jews” John 4. We are ONLY accepted if we are baptised into Christ, and this adopts us into the promise made to Abraham (Galatians 3:27-29).

Now have a look at Matthew 19:28 – and then the expectation of the disciples in Acts 1:6… And the words of Gabriel to Mary in Luke 1:32,33.. So Christ will rule from Jerusalem on the throne of his forbear David.

The trinity? The word does not occur in the Bible. The Son is a son…. And no son can be of the same authority or as old as his father. If the Holy Spirit is a person, then Mary had a child by the Holy Spirit, NOT the son of God…. Read carefully Luke 1:35.

There was a serious dispute in the early church – 4th century, so the Emperor called a Council, and when he saw that they were not coming to a conclusion, he went in, and it was HE, Constantine, a pagan emperor, who suggested the word that made the change… the word is “incarnation” – which does not occur in the Bible. In the Greek it is “homos…… (forget the spelling).

What we need to think seriously about, is that Jesus Christ based his teaching on the Old Testament Scriptures… Luke 24:44,45 is VERY clear about this…. The Psalms, the Law and the Prophets. Now, there is absolutely no hint of trinity in the OT. ALL JEWS believe in the Unity of God. “Hear O Israel, the Lord our God is ONE.” Right from the beginning, when sin entered the world, a saviour was promised. This saviour was to be “the seed of the woman” – (Genesis 3:15) hence not a son of man… but son of the woman and son of God. Jesus Christ had to have human nature in order to show us how to deal with it. Read Hebrews 5; it is excellent… a High Priest HAS to be taken from among men… and from v5-7 “Though he were a son, yet he learned obedience by the things which he suffered…”

The work of God shows His son is the “express image of his person” and we are required to follow him, so that the glory of God can shine in us – 2 Cor 3:18 and 4:6. So it is not God in trinity, it is God in multiplicity…   God want to be reflected in ALL those who believe in Him. Hebrews 2 shows that Jesus was “made a little LOWER than the angels…” and read carefully from v14. “He also himself, likewise…” talk about trying to emphasize the point. If Jesus did not have human nature, then he could not have been our saviour. He had to experience the human condition. And he certainly could not have died. God does not die. Throughout John (in particular) the Lord is careful to speak of  “my Father”…. Well???

May we all seek to honour the Great God we serve. “If a man love me, he will KEEP MY WORDS and my Father and I (two separate beings) will come to him and LIVE with him….”

Soon the Lord will be here, to raise the dead and judge them, and then proceed up to Jerusalem to stop Armageddon, cause a massive earthquake – the Mt of Olives will be split, and save the Jews from being killed and deported… Carefully read Zechariah 14. Note the reference in v5 to the Lord and the saints who will come…. Russia has a military presence in the Middle East, so we are not far away.  Israel has been a nation for 68 years… just as Ezekiel 36 and 37 prophesied…

May our God bless you as you search for His wisdom.

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