Bible Truth & Prophecy | News snippet summary relating to current events in the middle east for October 2015


Israeli forces fired back at Syrian positions after 2 shells landed on the Golan on Sept 27 (Ha’aretz)

–Israel says it has identified up to 50 Pal youth who are driving the riots on the Temple Mount (T of I)

A total lunar eclipse combined with a supermoon, which briefly appeared shaded deep red and thus produced a so-called “Blood Moon” was visible in Jerusalem on Sept 28 ! (Meid)

–Mr Netanyahu has made it plain to Russia it is not interested in who controls Syria but will strike anyone who violates Israel’s sovereignty ‘I suggest no one tests us’ (J Post)

–As Mr Netanyahu left for the United NationsGen Assy meeting in New York, he blamed the Pals for taking war material, firebombs and fireworks on to the Temple Mount (Meid)

–On Sept 30 Israel launched air strikes on Hamas Gaza installations in retaliation for rocket fire from Gaza. The Iran Dome destroyed the rocket (Meid)

–A new Israel UAV, the Dominator XP can fly at 27,000 feet and can easily reach Iran (Walla News)

–Mr Netanyahu’s address to the UN on October 2, included a note of sadness and incredulity at the attitude of world governments and the UN towards his country. (Meid)

–On Oct1 Mr Netanyahu spoke forcibly about lies spread by Mr Abbas who claims Israel is dedicated to changing the status quo on the Temple Mount. Mr Abbas ignores the fact that his fellow Islamists are smuggling explosives into the so called sacred Al-Aqsa mosque PMO)

–In a speech to the UN, Mr Netanyahu listed over 7 major terrorists complaints against Iran, pointing out tat their terrorist support will get a lot worse when and if sanctions are lifted (D Alert)

–Many Jews and Christians recoil in disbelief that Israel’s Pres Peres will join the Pope in Rome to participate in an interfaith prayer event at the invitation of Pope Francis, particularly as the Pope recently said that Jesus death on the cross was a failure (T of I)

–On Oct 4 Israeli forces arrested several terrorists in Jenin and seized weapons and explosives (J Post)

–Israel has announced the installation of cameras along West Bank roads and in the air to quickly deal with Pal attacks (J Post)

–The Israel Defense Ministry announced on Oct 6 the completion of sensor-based electronic security fences surrounding 12 Israeli communities near the border with Gaza. (J Post)

–A Company drilling for oil on the Golan claims to have found a layer of oil producing shale 350 meters thick, which is ten times larger than the average find world wide (T of I)

–On Oct 7 Mr Netanyahu banned all 120 members of the Knesset from visiting the Temple Mount, in an attempt to avoid further ‘dangerous provocation’ (Meid)

–A retired Israel General makes the point that the Pals believe that everything they have ever suffered is some else’s fault, never their own (D Alert)


For the first time since taking office in 2009, President Obama failed to mention the Israeli-Palestinian conflict during his annual address to the UN General Assembly in New York on Monday September 28 !! (J Post)

–A US General says, “Russia’s presence in Syria had little to do with fighting the Islamic State and a lot to do with propping up Syrian President Assad and trying to keep ISIS out of Russia’s domain” (Wash Post)

–A bill that would bar the Obama administration from releasing billions of dollars in sanctions relief to Iran before Tehran pays $43.5 billion it owes to victims of terrorism passed the House of Reps. in a 251-173 vote September 1 (Wash Free Beacon)

–The FBI, with others, have thwarted at least 4 attempts in 5 years in eastern Europe to sell radio active material to mid eastern extremists (wash Post)

–A US source tells of ‘dozens of dozens’ of ‘militants’ are under surveilance and plots have been thwarted (Reuters)

–Denis Ross, former ME adviser to Pres Obama, blames Susan Rice’s (the Pres’ National Security Adviser), ‘combative mind-set’ for exacerbating tensions with Mr Netanyahu.(N York T)


Members of a group called Mourabitoun are paid $4,000-00 a month by Islam to try to scare off Jews visiting the Temple Mount (Al Monitor)

–An Iranian boat carrying armor-piercing shells, anti-tank rockets and weapons guidance system headed for Yemen, was seized in the Arabian Seas on Sept 30 by Arabian coalition forces (D Alert)

–An Israeli couple were killed in a shooting in a West Bank northern village. Their 3 children in the car escaped unhurt. 4 infantry battalions are searching for the suspected Arab murderers (T of I)

–A report claims ISIS is gaining strength along the Israeli border as rebel groups face lack of munitions and money (T of I)

–Two Israelis, husband and wife, were murdered by 2 Pals in the West Bank on Oct 1 (T of I)

–5 Members of a terror cell have been arrested for the murders, (Meid)

–A report claims that 1,000 ‘fighters’ a month are still traveling to Iraq and Syria to join ISIS (Daily Beast)

–An Israel male and a female were murdered in the Old City on Oct 3. The murderer, a 19 a Pal Law Student, was killed by police (Ynet)

–A report says that Aksa Martyr gunmen have reappeared in Ramallah, firing into the air, after a 7 years absence (J Post)

–Attacks on Israelis came thick and fast in early October, with some attackers shot dead whilst others were arrested (D Alert)

–A 19 year old Arab from East Jerusalem stabbed 4 people in Tel Aviv before being killed by an IDF soldier (Ha’aretz)

–On October 9, at least 6 Pals out of 200 who approached the Security fence with Israel, were killed as they threw stones and rolled burning tires at IDF troops (T of I)

–A rocket was fired into Israel from Gaza on October 9 but caused no damage (D Alert)


Egypt, which technically speaking is ‘broke”, will pay France $1.6 (Bill)

–for 2 Mistral class warships originally made for Russia. This follows the purchase of 24 Rafale Fighter jets for $5.6 last year (Bill)


Iran’s leaders say their country has “no intention” of abiding by a UN Security Council resolution that encompasses the nuclear deal and other restrictions on Tehran’s rogue activities. ( W Free Beacon)

–On Sept 23 Khamenei forcefully blamed all the tragedies and wars in the M/East on USA and the Zionist entity (Tasnim-Iran)

–Iran’s $21 (Bill) purchase of Satellite equipment and Sukhoi Super Jet 100 aircraft from Moscow, continues to reveal a strengthening relationship with Russia (Sputnik-Russia)

–Iran has reduced funds to Hamas and is empowering the Sabirin group in Gaza, with $10 (Mill) a month. Sabirin emulates Hizbullah (D Alert)

–Encouraged by the Russian presence, hundreds of Iranian troops have reached Syria in late September, with weapons to mount a major ground offensive (Reuters)

–A report claims the low price of oil is costing Iran much more than sanctions relief may bring (D Alert)

–A leading Iranian Rev. Guards General, Hamdani was killed by IS on Oct 7 (NOW-Leb)


France has warned Russia against getting bogged down in Syria as in Afghanistan, where it lost heavily, but Russia is more concerned in blocking IS from heading north (D Alert)

–Satellite pictures show Russian expansion of two depots north of Latakia (Wall St J)

–Russia’s first air strikes in Syria did not target ISIS but rather rebel areas (AP)

–Their ‘strikes’, which they say will last 3-4 months, also reveal a tightening of association with Iran and with Hizbullah (Wall St. J)

–By October 8 Russia was talking about ‘volunteer’ Russian ground forces entering the war in Syria and a tent city for nearly 2000 is in place near Latakia (N York T)

–The Pentagon claims that of the 26 Cruise missiles fired by Russia into Syria, 4 went astray and landed in Iran!! (Pentagon)


A report shows that ISIS is having a cash-flow problem as oil prices drop and air strikes targeting oil facilities increase (Business Insider)

–A report shows that life in the Islamic caliphate means fear and deprivation for those ruled over and good meals, education, medical care and free housing for the fighters! (Wash Post)


A writer points out that Jew hatred is really at the root of Arab and Islamic thinking about Israel (W Standard)

–Syrian rebels fired Russian made Grads at the new Russian Latakia base on Set 28 (Now-Lebanon)

–Hundreds of Iranian troops with weapons and equipment have reached Syria in the last days of September, to mount a major ground offensive to support Assad (Reuters)


On Oct 1 Mr Abbas told the UN that he is no longer bound by the Oslo Accords. He is seen as trying to strengthen his weak position among Arab nations as his drive for a Pal State fails (AP)

–The Pal flag flew for the first time at the UN on Oct 1 ((Reuters))

–Every Arab radio and or TV station is continuously broadcasting lies about alleged Israel’s attacks on the Al Aqsa mosque, in order to incite Arabs to terror (T of I)

–Newly revealed documents show that the PA pays tens of millions of dollars to their terrorist murderers who are in Israeli gaols (D Alert)

–On Oct 7 the Fatah Central Council saluted the Pals for ‘rising to defend their Al- Aksa mosque even tho it is not under attack by Israel (J Post)

–A recent report shows that Mr Abbas is doing his utmost to spark continuing violence against Israel (Gatestone)


Tiring of involvement in Syria, Hizbullah told Syria it will soon take no part in assaults on rebels (D Star- Leb)

–A report says that Hizbullah is to receive 75 old Soviet era tanks from Syria , allegedly to help in its fight against Al- Qaeda militants (Ynet)


A year after an enormous aid pledge was made by Arab nations to Gaza only praps 10% of the money has arrived in Gaza (Irin News)

–The death toll at the Mecca hajj crush tragedy has now risen to at least 1470 pilgrims (T of I)


Because of serious illness in the GPL ranks in September, this Update is short on content. We hope to resume a full coverage in the November issue.

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