FNew Zealand says QUIT EU: PM says future will be ‘exciting’ if Britain votes for Brexit
BRITAIN could have a “truly exciting future” by quitting the EU and rebuilding trade links with the Commonwealth, a senior New Zealand politician has said.
Winston Peters said British voters had a historic chance to correct the ‘mistake’
Winston Peters, a former deputy prime minister of his country, said British voters had a historic chance to correct the “mistake” of tying up with Brussels.
Instead, they could benefit from lucrative new economic links with fast-growing economies in the wider world including those of historic friends and allies in the 52 other nations of the Commonwealth.
“The Commonwealth could be a colossus. It has a diversity of markets the EU could only dream of, from first world economies to emerging markets with huge growth potential,” Mr Peters said.
The veteran Kiwi politician, who has been finance minister and foreign minister of his country, was in London to give his backing to the “leave” campaign for the EU referendum on June 23.
In a speech in the House of Lords, he said the Commonwealth was “now a dynamic power house, crossing every time zone and every trading session in the world” in contrast to the failing EU.
The Commonwealth was a free association of nations based on friendship and trade links rather than top-down control like the EU, he said.
Mr Peters, the 71-year-old founder of the New Zealand First party, gave a speech in the Lords following an invitation from Ukip peer Lord Pearson of Rannoch.
“The choice the UK faces is between a Europe divided and indebted or trade with the emerging economies of the Commonwealth,” he said.
He urged British voters to ignore world leader including US president Barack Obama and New Zealand prime minister John Key.
Winston Peters was in London to give his backing to the ‘leave’ campaign
The pros and cons of Brexit

Britain & EU
The Commonwealth could be a colossus
Winston Peters says “This is a question for the British people alone,”.
“Britain taking a bold and courageous step back to the Commonwealth, with a fresh approach, is something the Commonwealth would respond positively to.
“It would signal the dawn of a new age of Commonwealth economic advancement,” he said.
He told British voters: “You live in the UK, you pay taxes to Brussels and you are subject to European Union control.
“Anyone who thinks that the economy of a nation that once led the largest empire in history will be suddenly laid to ruin upon leaving the EU is greatly mistaken.”
Mr Peters gave a speech in the Lords following an invitation from Ukip peer Lord Pearson of Rannoch
Mr Peters urged British voters to ignore world leader including Barack Obama and John Key
Anyone who suggested the UK could not survive outside the EU “doesn’t understand history or realise that when push comes to shove how deep Commonwealth bonds are”, he said.
“The British people stand on the cusp of a truly exciting future. It will not be easy to achieve that future, but if there is one nation that can do it, it is the British.”
He added: “The world is a far bigger place than the 28 EU member states. Britain forgot that once.
“Some of us believe you won’t make that same mistake again.”
This in reality is a KEY REASON why Britain will Quit the EU or rather it is to be a key outcome of Britain quiting the EU as Britain and the Commonwealth Countries make up the King of the South at the time of the end that will move to stop Russia and Europe from invading the Middle East.
God has declared the End from the Beginning and the Bible (God’s Word) reveals that Britain will not be part of the EU when Christ Returns to Earth, and World Events are conspiring to ensure that happens.  So despite what the Political leaders of Britain might want the people of Britain will vote to leave. What we will continue to witnessed here is as Daniel said in Daniel 4:17 “This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will…”
Just as the angels of God were at work ensuring that Britain had one of the strongest voter turn outs in years and voted for the conservatives to return to UK Governmentin 2015 so that David Cameron could fulfil his pledge to give the British people a Referendum on Britain’s EU memebership, so we will continue to see the angels of God move the British People to Vote for BREXIT.
WHY?  Because Bible Prophecy (spoken more than 2,500yrs ago) has revealed to us the alignment of nations in the last days before Christ’s Return and Britain will not be part of the EU at that time.
Yes, despite all the politicising by the various parties and politicians, EVENTS both within Britain and Europe will keep pushing Britain in the direction of leaving the EU!
So yet again we see the hand of God at work in the nations to ensure that His purpose unfolds on the earth.  Britain will leave the EU of this we can be certain as this is a matter of Bible Prophecy.  In the Bible, God has long said (2,500 yrs ago to be exact) that Britain will not be a part of the European Union when Russia and the EU invade the Middle East.
See this article to learn about the:
Learn why Britain must pull out of the European Union from the Bible
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http://www.truebibleteaching.com/the-bible-in-the-news/867-nz-says-uk-should-quit-eu-for-commonwealth-14-05-16.htmlor more great articles see here… http://www.truebibleteaching.com/


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