Romans 5:12   Note 4  important points:

1          Sin entered into the world

From then on, sin reigned like a king over mankind (Romans 6:12)

2          And death through sin

Death was a penalty imposed by God once sin had become a fact.

3          And so death passed upon all men

What was a penalty to Adam, became to all others a law of their nature.

4          For all have sinned

Adam’s descendants inherited not only mortality, but also a proneness towards sin (Jeremiah 17:9).  All men, left to themselves, will inevitably sin.

Though death would claim Adam and all his descendants, Christ can redeem us (Romans 5:18,19). In the promise of Genesis 3:15, Adam recognised that through a woman, not man, the saviour would come, and so he recognised that Eve was “the mother of all living”.

“The way of the tree of life”  Revelation 2:7, is still open to those who walk in the way of Truth.

Genesis 4

Eve assumes that her firstborn son would be the promised seed but they were divided by two ways of thinking which had its outworking in religious controversy.

Worshipped as he thoughtWorshipped as God required : Heb 11:4
His works were evilHis works were righteous
Cain therefore hated Abel :1 John 3: 12
And slew his brother
He was therefore a “child of the diabolos”
Abel was a “child of God” 1 John 3:10 

Genesis chapters 4 and 5 give the genealogy of the two seeds, Genesis 4 of Cain and Genesis 5 of Seth (who replaced the slain Abel).  The conflict between the two seeds, climaxes between Lamech (Gen 4:23,24) and Enoch (Gen 5:22).  Both were contemporary.  Lamech threatened to kill Enoch for speaking against his ungodly practices (eg Lamech introduced polygamy).  Read Jude verse 14,15.  This conflict would result in violence filling the earth, and God’s judgment of a flood (Genesis 6).

Next Lesson:  The Promise to Abraham – the foundation of the gospel. God promised Abraham territory, descendants and an Heir to bless all nations.

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