Ahead of the Brexit vote in the UK in June – the speaker examines the scriptures to see what the Bible has to say about Britain’s role in future events and what we are entitled to think the outcome of the vote may be!

The destiny of Britain foretold in the Bible’ was given at NFR(UK) earlier this week by Matt Davies. The imminent Brexit vote will soon be upon the residents of the UK – it is clear from scripture that Britain will be distanced from the EU at the time of the end, but just how that will be manifested remains to be seen. Bro Matt deals with the identity of ‘Tarshish’, Britain;s role in purpose of God etc. It is an excellent study – not to be missed! Please share the video with those who you think may find it helpful. Bro Matt has also produced a .pdf leaflet summarising his note and we hope to make this available soon on on our dedicated Facebook page and on this website.


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