1:- The God of Widows: Tamar’s Story
Widows: man’s disdain, God’s focus. Restoration by God via the voice of Elijah. The need to be a Widow and to raise the voice of Elijah in their cause
2:- Wings of Shelter: Ruth’s Story
Ruth’s exchange with Boaz revealing he knew she sought God and she saw God in him. How Ruth’s story was understood by David, and by the Son of David
3:- Dangerous Liaisons: The Other Woman’s Story
Rachel’s legacy and omission from God’s people. Delilah’s impossible situation, and assassination. The Witch of Endor’s charade exposed, yet her potential salvation
4:- Where May She Be Found? Wisdom’s Story
Proverbial wives, contrasting Wisdom and Adultery. How solving their identities reveals the perfect anti-symmetry of chiasms between Ruth and Solomon’s Song
5:- The Devoted Daughter: Jephthah’s Daughter’s Story
Proving Jephthah’s daughter lived. What Jephthah’s failed plan really intended. The relevance and danger of holding grudges, and giving tarnished sacrifice to God

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