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We can’t cope with this tide!

Europe’s despairing leaders bring back border controls with free-movement zone on brink of collapse

  • Berlin has sought to criticise EU countries for not taking enough migrants
  • It has now asked Italy to tighten controls on Austrian border to ease flow
  • Figures show record 104,460 asylum seekers came to Germany last month
  • Slovakia’s foreign minister Miroslav Lajcak said Schengen Agreement had fallen apart

By John Stevens for the Daily Mail

Published: 23:10 GMT, 2 September 2015

Thousands of migrants emerge from the hold of a ferry onto the streets of GreeceEurope’s migrant crisis escalated last night as border controls were reintroduced and Germany admitted it could no longer cope with the influx.

Berlin had sought to criticise others – including Britain – for not taking in enough refugees after it announced it would no longer deport those coming from Syria.

But the EU’s passport-free travel zone was on the brink of collapse after Germany was forced to ask Italy to tighten border controls.

Biblical: Thousands of migrants emerge from the hold of a ferry onto the streets of Greece’s capital, Athens.

Hundreds gather and camp in a transit zone

Setting up camp: Hundreds gather in a transit zone below Keleti station in Budapest city centre

As tensions between European leaders unable to agree on how to handle the crisis simmered, Slovakia’s foreign minister Miroslav Lajcak said the Schengen Agreement removing border checks between 26 European countries has fallen apart.

Last night, as the numbers crossing into Germany reached nearly 150 per hour, it asked Italy to impose identification checks at Brennero, on the border with Austria, to ease the flow. An unprecedented surge of migrants has been trying to get to the country after Berlin last week began accepting asylum claims from Syrian refugees regardless of where they entered the EU.

It has caused chaos across eastern Europe as authorities have struggled to cope with the vast numbers who, as undocumented migrants, are theoretically barred from travelling across the EU. Figures released yesterday showed a record 104,460 asylum seekers arrived in Germany last month.

German officials last night insisted that its request to tighten border controls was a ‘temporary measure’. But Mr Lajcak said the Schengen Agreement had ‘de facto fallen apart’. ‘There are tens of thousands of people walking around here without anyone checking them,’ he said. ‘So, do we have Schengen, or don’t we?’

While this is not directly a fulfilment of Bible Prophecy, this unprecedented issue is and will continue to have profound effects on Europe and Britain.  Immigration is one of the key issues driving Britain away from its membership of the EU project.  Such scenes as these will continue to do this and when Britain leaves the EU this will be a fulfilment of Bible Prophecy.

In addition to this, the effect of such open migration will have profound effects on Europe as a whole.  The European continent is already one of the most populated and it’s ability to feed it’s people is becoming more and more a challenge.  This will be further exacerbated by the effects of Climate Change to the point that this could well in years to come reach a crisis point.

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Bible Prophecy about the alignment of Nations in the Latter Days

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