Judges: They Ceased Not From Their Own Doing (5 Videos)

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Judges: They ceased not from their own doing

General Description: Settled in the land of Canaan, Israel now has to deal with the indigenous people. By examining the beginnings of the Canaanites, their full depravity is exposed – and this is what Israel had to deal with.

Greg Robinson, Royal Oak

Study 1  Cursed by Canaan

Description: Entering the land of promise, the judges of Israel had to deal with the indigenous people, the Canaanites. The beginning of the Canaanites is examined and paralleled with the modern theory of humanism which opposes and derives the existence of God. Their natural tendency to fleshly, immoral thinking and behaviour was condemned.

Study 2 And the Canaanite was then in the Land

Description: The practices of the Canaanites are outlined, showing their evil influences upon the people of God. Combatting Canaanite thinking of the modern world is discussed with suggestions to manage it. Specific instances are examined in the life of the patriarchs and beginning of the period of the Judges.

Study 3  They Ceased not from their own Doing

Description: We need to replace Canaanite thinking with God’s thinking. Be a leader and attack Canaanite thinking that is holding others back. The judges were organised to work among the people, that despite their difficulties, they would learn the way of God.

Study 4  If thou will go with me then I will go

Description: Canaanitish oppression made life extremely difficult Israel, limiting movement among tribes. God works through Deborah and Barak and many tribes of Israel are gathered to confront the Canaanites at Mt Tabor.

Study 5  Go in this thy Might

Gideon, fearful of the desperate situation of Israel who were being oppressed by the Midianites, so there was little food. God begins to work with Gideon, to overcome his fears and provide the necessary leadership to deliver his people.

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